Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

jador 3

After years of being raised in the frozen northland and being forced to wear my brothers long johns, my cousins leotards, 6 pairs of pants, hand me down snow pants, 3 jackets, two toques, three scarves, 2 pairs of mittens, 3 pairs of socks and then boots .... and many years of therapy ....cause I have an unnatural fear that I have to go pee and cannot move and I freeze to death and no-one even knows because it is not like any of those Canadian kids placed in their yards are moving anyway .....(big breath here ...)

jador 2

I am so ready for something warm that is also pretty and sexy .. voila .. JADOR!!! All sweater, all covered except for just a hint at naughty bits ... and hey ... who cares about going outside ....

jador 1

Quick one of those little kids just fell over and I think he peed his pants .....

HAIR: Vignette
EARRINGS: Ticky Tacky
SHOES: Little Heaven
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