Monday, February 1, 2010

Being Queen .. is Good!

Wow I was so excited by this dress ... A Duchess sent out the details on it - Harper Beresford, Duchess of RFyre AND a beauty QUEEN wore the dress - Miss Japan, Marry Eel - in the Miss Virtual World Pageant where she was one of the top 10 finalists!!!!

RF 3a

I put on my rag-a-muffin outfit and stood outside of Harpers window with my nose pressed against the glass ... sobbing hysterically ... until she finally let me have the dress to blog .....and a stale cookie and a glass of soy milk ... she is really a kind kind lady .....

rf 1a

Then I put the dress on and got my sceptre and went around the grid saying things like "We are not confused," "off to their beds," and "let them eat dates!" But .. um ... no-one bowed or grovelled ... well there was that one lady in this really skimpy outfit with her hands behind her and her face planted in the ground but I think she was like that before I got there ... she had a name tattooed on her ass (the scarfy thing didn't cover much .. it said "property of master...." somebody .... hard to read that left butt cheek ....) so I didn't count her.

RF 5a

So now I am shopping for a crown cause I think that may be the reason .. people were not sure just how queenly I was .. you know there are a lot of fakes on here?? Like some of those neko things are not really cats you know??? ... but the thing is ... I felt like a queen ... I may get a tattoo too .. that says "I AM YOUR QUEEN!!" something to kind of set the stage for future grovelling ...... now that I have had a little taste of it .. vicariously ... when I called myself "master" on that gorightin (sp??) sim I was on and wore a beard, a muscle shirt and carried a whip....

RF 6a

But in the meantime if you want to play queen and dress like royalty then go to House of Rfyre and get this dress .. and if the Duchess is there .. she might give you a cookie ....
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