Friday, January 22, 2010

BUSTED!! Bliss Windlow Arrested!

01182010 4

Ok this might seem like a fashion shoot but this is actually a series of photos from the video about to be shown on one of those tv shows. I have been arrested. This was the headlights going on ...

01182010 3

Putting my hands in the air right before I was tasered ....

01182010 1

And my mug shot.

Ok I am going down as the biggest serial killer ever. My defense .... I didn't actually kill all those men ... I just broke into their homes and stole their remotes .... they kiled themselves ....

SKIN: Dernier Cri
HAIR: Diversity Hair
LASHES: TB (retired)
EARRINGS: Meghindos
OUTFIT: Phoenix Rising

HEY!!! Now you can get all your Bliss Windlow in one place!! I know!! I am just gob-smacked!! Just go here: Blissé cause it leads to all things Bliss AND if you join me you can be a BLISSTER!!!! I will be telling you tons more about what means - cause I know you want to know.
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