Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Cri for Charlotte (Dernier Style)







A new offering from Dernier Cri - the lovely Charlotte. Have worn the skins around for this past week and had lots of comments. Lip shadings and eyeshadows are effective and subdued, not garrish at all. A lovely grown-up sophisticated look! The freckles are hinted at and just enough to take the skins down to a more casual appeal. Great job!!

You will note I have been wearing one of these skins in a couple of my posts this week already. I think that is a good litmus tests for skins ... if the bloggers are wearing them beyond the posting ... at least the blogger really likes them and thinks them worthy of wearing around the grid ... unless of course the blogger likes the effect of walking into a room and people going "OMG!! What the hell is she wearing??" And, you are so desperate for publicity that getting on the worst dress list would be a high-light for you .... oh and extras on some hospital show where there are accident victims lying all around .. they might wear those skins too ... if I think of anymore reasons .. will let you know....

HEY!!! Now you can get all your Bliss Windlow in one place!! I know!! I am just gob-smacked!! Just go here: Blissé cause it leads to all things Bliss AND if you join me you can be a BLISSTER!!!! I will be telling you tons more about what means - cause I know you want to know.
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