Friday, January 15, 2010

Dressing to Suit Your Mood.

Alpha Tribe Alpho Loves Lace 2

Alpha Tribe Winter 2

You know those tests you get to do online where they do tests to see what your mood is? Um ... I always flunk them and then get banned from the site ... some message comes back like ..."your answers are frankly disturbing and scary and as we have a responsibility to the rest of our normal and healthy visitors, we cannot, in good conscience allow you to enter this site again." I have asked them if there is anyone there with a "bad conscience who might understand me a bit more and reconsider but then they are like ... "do we have to call the police?" I never am sure how to answer that one either like .. "I don't know ... want to call your mom and check? ...cause she sure didn't leave any instructions with me ..

Alpha Tribe Alpho Loves Lace 3

Alpha Tribe Winter 4

Well Alpha Tribe is a store that lets you dress to suit your moods and your "fantasanity" (fantasies that border on insanity). I like the store cause it speaks to me and seems to understand me in a way that is kind of hard to explain ..

Alpha Tribe Alpho Loves Lace 1

Alpha Tribe Winter 5

Every outfit I saw comes with male and female skins, hair, hats, lots of extra things like ao's and props and poofers and wow ... the prices are unbelievable. These are some incredibly talented people that worked on all of these. WOW WOW WOW.

I wish I would have the dark costume for my kindergarten class picture ... it is much more me than that my little pony get up and my missing teeth ....

Oh if you tp to the store and someone is standing at the door trying to block your way ... that would be me ... I feel very connected to this store and I am not sure I want to share ....

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