Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lillies In The Snow.

This beautiful Lichi Dress by Fellini Couture makes you believe you can single handedly wrestle Old Man Winter to the ground and make him beg for mercy. Surely if you wandered around in the snow in this dress the snow would melt in your wake and the little birds would appear, flowers would bloom, and somewhere a lovely soprano would be "awwwing" ..... isn't that poetic and lovely?

Fellini Couture Lichi 3

I tried it and I got a wet and frozen dress that weighed 80 tons and fell off my boobs .... not the same thing at all ....

Fellini Couture Lichi 1

BUT I did manage to go to a MM board and do ball gown bowling .... 8 at once .... just twirled and they were down .... can't wait to go dancing in this one ....

Fellini Couture Lichi 2

Where can you buy blow up men dolls in SL?
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