Saturday, January 30, 2010

Peach Melba on the docks at Sunset.

peach melba 1

As a kid I loved taking neopolitan icecream and mixing all the colours in together .... I tried fingerpainting with it once ... on my brothers face ... and that got me a huge can of whoop ass .... something about my brother screaming the way he did as he ran through the house complaining that he couldn't feel his face ....

peach melba 5

I kinda like his "frozen" smile ... I mean he had it before the "Joker" ever came along and look how much mileage that dude got with it....

peach melba 4

I always thought my brother belonged in the circus anyway ... and I tried to leave him there several times ....

peach melba 6

.... anyway this dress reminds me of how pretty peach melba can be in a bowl ... before you mix it all in together .. and try to paint it on your brothers face ....

a couple more pics here .....

SKIN: Soda
HAIR: Simply Britnee
DRESS: Absolut Creation
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