Thursday, January 28, 2010


INXX suit 3

Sometimes you just have to wear pants and I love a great pantsuit. Ohren Beck does a superb job in her Vienna Calling. I especially like her textures - there is always something that you just have not seen anywhere else.

INXX suit

I like the silhouette of this suit and the subtle pinstriping of shades of grey ... you get a real sense of the feel and the weight of the suit and the same idea is repeated in the sweater. You can almost feel the ribbing.

I was grateful when someone finally explained pin-striping to me because I could not understand why anyone would hold a pin and put stripes on it....polka dots maybe but stripes .... wow .. talk about grain of rice writing only you can't/shouldn't eat pins ....well once you are an adult you can do anything you want but there is a subtle difference. When you do something really stupid as a kid some people look at you and go "aww .. he's just a kid" but when you are an adult some people look at you and go "awww ... what a freaking idiot!"

I mean compared to the type of stripes I am used to - you know the black and white ones that say property of Alcatraz and come with the really cool heavy chained cuffs for your wrists and ankles??? - these pinstripes are really well done ....

INXX suit 2

Also love the GLOW earrings and the hair from W&Y with its colour changing band. OMFG newer skins and a really good effort!!

LASHES: Chaisuki
EARRINGS: Glow Studio
SHOES: Kookie
POSES: EverGlow
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