Friday, January 29, 2010

Syner - gee!!

taupe on brown 3

This outfit is a "Syner" and worthy of your attention. Lots of things are worthy of your attention but I have the biggest microphone so ignore the others and gather around me ... attention Second Life Shoppers ... Great deal in Aisle 9!!!

taupe on brown 4

Is there a school for those people who make the announcements in stores ... cause I think one of the courses they might want to introduce into the new curriculum .. might be ... "moving the mic away from your mouth so that people can understand you 101." OR "how not to give old ladies a heart attack when announcing security is needed in hoisery 203."

taupe on brown 2

Personally, I like going up to the drive thrus in fast food places and ordering .. I will have a wah wah wah wahh wahhwahh wahh and a wahhh wahh wahh wahh ... and an order of fries. Then when they say they can't understand a thing you are saying except fries .. you ask them what fries ... you never ordered any fries ... then you get really angry and ask them why they can't understand plain english and demand to see the manager and get your whole meal for free ....and when the police come they take you to a nice quiet place where you get to eat in out of the snow and the cold fun fun .....oh but I always go back and give the people at the drive thru a sears catalogue later .. just to show them there are no hard feelings and that I really want their wishes to come true ....

taupe on brown 5

SKIN: Soda
HAIR: Lamb
SHOES: Plausible Body
POSES: EverGlow

HEY!!! Now you can get all your Bliss Windlow in one place!! I know!! I am just gob-smacked!! Just go here: Blissé cause it leads to all things Bliss AND if you join me you can be a BLISSTER!!!! I will be telling you tons more about what means - cause I know you want to know.
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