Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tres Beau is Tres WOW!!

white coat 1

Just look at this beeeeutiful pant suit and tell me you are not blown away with the detail and the style. You can feel the weight of the material and immediately understand the texture and the flow. I would so own this in real life if I could find it.

white coat 3

What I love about the whole outfit is that even the pants and blouse are exquisite - they just aren't there so the coat can be open. Each piece is beautifully done and thought about.

white coat 5

The blouse is the sheerest shell of gorgeous lace that skims the body and tucks into detailed high waisted pants. Everything is finished to the max - the cuffs on the pants, the gloves that are beautifully cut out and stitched - the luxurious upturned collar ... absolutely lovely ...

white coat 2

white coat 4

Tres Beau is another one of those stores laid out incredibly well, easy to really see the clothes, and lots of choices and variety. There always seems to be something new and it is definitely one of those stores you mark and go to for the special occasions or when you want to pamper yourself.
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