Sunday, February 28, 2010

Humming ....


I love hummingbirds. I am fascinated by the way they fly and their incredible colours. I think they are my totem animal although I have not seen one on a totem pole ...


They are a repeated theme in my life .... Like my teachers would always say, "WHO IS DOING THAT HUMMING?" Of course it would be me!! And once identified, I would get detention or lines cause damn those were an effective deterrent. I figured out how to do a little notched stick with elastic bands and was able to write six lines at once perfectly. "I will not hum in class." And boy did I learn my lesson. They should do that for criminals .. forget jail. "I will not steal cars." .. 1000 times .. cured .. changed man ... trust me ...


Oh ... and after the teacher would do that .. I would flip her the bird ... see .. reoccuring themes .. the humming bird .. my totem animal (sans the totem).

More pictures here.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Little Red (sans the riding hood and the wolf)


I always thought that Red Riding Hood Story was sus!


It just was not believeable ....that a woodcutter could perform surgery with an ax and they all lived happily ever after with no sepsis or anything setting in .. come on ....


Now hansel and gretle .. that is a bit more to the point cause I have seen that old witch and the house with candy glue gunned on the side of it ... or maybe it was spit .. same thing you know .. and I was trying to tell my brother he should go in there cause my cat did and it never came out and well .. it was a bad day and I was hoping ....


Oh wait .. sooo confused .. that was MY grandmothers house .. in the woods .... with her 3 little pigs .... and a beanstalk and a goose that laid a golden egg ...

Some childhoods are just more idyllic than others ....

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Audrey Isn't Toddrey.

audrey 4

Duh ... of course not ... Audrey is a girl just like it is "Eve not Steve." Gee some word are dumb. Like my grandparents would say "Don't wear that it is so toddrey!" And I was like "Toddrey likes pink frilly dresses with slits up the thighs? Where does he live?" (cause living on the vast prairies of the frozen (except during the olympics) northland .. believe me .. that would have been a sight to see ....)

No other word for this BUT Elegassic ... I have to make up new words .... someone comes along with a really great word and then you hear it applied to everything ....and then comes out the Blissy's Mr. Rule Book.

audrey 2

Words like smexy, hawt, smexilicious, orgasimically stupendous, etc ...... soooo overused and tired ..... I have banned myself from using them ever again and they are in the rulebook and so now I just punch myself if I say them ... I would like to punch the people who also say them all the time (like 20 times in one sentence) but that is not allowed .... once you are out of school you kind of have to put away the punching tools along with the school books ... (although I was happy about putting away those ... at the time ... )

audrey 3

You can punch me if you ever hear me say those words ....

audrey 1

Cause then .... justifiable homicide .... in a court of law .....

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am Woman Hear Me Roar!!!

lions ring copy

When I was a kid we used to play circus. I always made my brother play the clown because he had a big nose and it was not hard to cut a hole in a ping pong ball screw it on and paint that whole puppy red. I saw him last year and he said that some of the feeling has even come back ... in his nose ...

Ahhhh ... those were the days ....

lions ring 2

Sometimes when the city cousins came to visit we let them be lions .... and then we got to play with grandpa's bull whip ....

And afterwards when we went or lunch and the whiney babies complained ... Grandpa showed us how the bull whip really worked .....

Some of the feeling has just come back in my ass .....


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poking Dots.


I was banned from wearing polka dots in school. Something about the marking pens and not coming out of clothes and their best sunday dress and the pictures I tried to create on other children's clothes. Well that is what you did with dots ... connect them and then some cute little froggy or something would magically appear ... and well I was curious ...


Only it wasn't a froggy ... it was some kind of monster with 3 arms and a trunk and part of the body of a truck .. well it was if I made the girl stand on a chair with one foot and I squinted my eyes in just a certain way ....

I had much better luck on the face of that other kid .. THAT was definitely a bunny with a cigar in its left ear ....

pokdtt 4

But they were even more mad and then I got a lecture about the etiquette of pimples ....

More pics here.

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EARRINGS: Ticky Tacky

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


saloon 3

Ok like ... when I ran away from the farm ... I threw the cowboy boots and the cowboy hats in some old bin along some deserted graineries and swore .... cause I did that alot then .. swearing ... oh helll I do it now .. but anyway ... I chucked them all out and INSISTED never again ....

I grabbed a pair of high high heels and was in heaven ....

saloon 2

I made a pact with my hubby .. if I ever lost my mind so that I put on cowboy boots again or a cowboy hat he should just put the pillow on my face and press as I would have obviously lost my mind .. .... he said .. "um .. some people would argue that you are there already, without the cowboy evidence ...."

saloon 1

Well damn Jaxie Oceanlane and her red cowboy boots ... that store is obviously some kind of cult .. I swear I saw Tom Cruise hanging around and the next thing you know ... I bought them ... and there were soooo many more in the store and they were all kind of going in a scary horror movie voice ... "hey Blissy .... Blissssssssy (breathy whisper here) ... you know you wanna buy us .... .Blisssssssy .. come here ......"

saloon 4

Now I have had to tape brown paper all over my screen so my hubby doesn't see this post ... cause he has a pillow and he is not afraid to use it ....

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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Little Light Dancing.


Who knew the lace curtains, the heirloom bridal gown veil blackened by play and being hidden under your bed for weeks. some plastic flowers and a glue gun could look so fab right??


Disclaimer: putting a candle in the fishbowl while the fish wait patiently for the return to their home is not a good idea. One glass cracks when heated. Two it gets really hot in your hand and you drop it and it cracks. Three the fish can't live in a tea-cup for more than a day or so and when your mom finds out she cracks and four when you get the walloping .. you crack and confess everything your brother did in the last 3 years just so they will turn their disciplining attention away from you ....cause that is what brothers are for afterall ... distractions, diversions, smokescreens ... yup .. brothers at their best!


But luckily ... ALB does the same dress without the heirloom factor .. it may not be as exciting as the thrill of the crime spree .. but crime does not pay (only writing that cause mom is monitoring all my internet at the moment .. from the nursing home ...). Glitterati has the shining orbs ...

I hate growing up ....

More pics here.

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OUTFIT: Alb Fashion
POSES AND BALL: Glitterati
LOCATION: Blissou Studios

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weenies Make for Strong Wolves ....


I started a fire once. And then we roasted weenies and marshmallows .....cause that's what you do when you are outside in the summer in the frozen(except for during the olymics) northland .. fighting off the mosquitos ... chewing through the charcoaled burnt outer edges of gawd-knows-what in a tube .. and then the burnt charcoaled outer edges of liquified sugar ....we have a swell diet ..


I think it comes from just being fed up with whale blubber ....


Oh we eat that stuff in the winter too cause after awhile of standing outside in all that gear in the frozen (except for during the olymics) northland, someone builds a fire and puts a stick in your hand with a weenie on the end of it and then we close our eyes and pretend we can move and that it is summer, and we are swatting mosquitos and that we can actually get the end of that stick to our mouth to eat the burnt weenie ...

It usually just falls off into the snow and the wolves come and eat it.

That's why wolves are such a huge problem in the frozen (except for during the olymics) northland.

Weenies make strong wolves ....

Write that one down ... feel free to use it today in your attempt to impress others with your wisdom ....

More pics here.

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HAIR: I Love Olive
LASHES: TB (no longer available)
DRESS: Storin
SHOES: Nardcotix

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fhang Candy Goli.

fhang candy goli skins

Michi Fhang of Fhang Candy does it again ... this time with her new skin Goli! New to this line is an offering of the palest of lipsticks with lavender eye shadows that really pop with the right hair and is perfect for those retro 70's looks.

You know ... when white lipstick was all the rage and the old ruby redded, blotted and stained lipped ones ...(grandma and especially grandpa) ... roamed the earth? And you would come out all excited thinking you looked soooo hot and grandpa would forget to put his false teeth back in and would bellow ...."what the hell ith wrong with your lipth? You look like you've been thrathing around in a flour barrel!" And then we would mutter under his breath something about "in hith day no selth rethpecting woman would go out looking like a flour lipped huthy and the what the hell wath wrong with women theeth dayth?"

And then you would point out time moveth on and prehapth he mithed the train and offer to buy him a ticket tho he can travel from the prehithtoric thtone age to the modern timeth.

Journal entry at the time: Note to self. "Mimicking someone who is missing their false teeth is evidently NOT considered funny. When and adult presents you with an opporunity to give as good as you get, no matter how wide they swing that fence open, no matter how tempted you are .... SHUTUP!"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Phoenix has Indeed Risen!!!

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising ... run .. do NOT walk to the store. WOW.

Ashoka Eales of Phoenix Rising has opened the doors to her new store on her own island. I don't normally write about these things but colour me impressed. Who doesn't love Phoenix Rising anyway? All of the good stuff is there and so much more!

The store is beautifully done in quiet calm colours with punches of colours provided by the clothes and thoughtful little details. It reminded me instantly of the best celebrity closet you have ever seen. The clothes have been laid out with a logical and useful plan allowing you to easily mix and match the exact pieces you want. I love how beneath and beside the clothes are the shoes, and accessories and you don't even have to go to another department and figure it all out. The shoes are Nardcotix and let me tell you, they are beautiful shoes and priced perfectly!!! There are boxes, half open with peeks of what is inside, like a well loved closet would have ... lots of room to walk around and admire all the usual great designs.

You walk in with clear signage to the men's (a whole new fabulous line) and the ladies. I love how she carries enough continuity to pull it all together BUT once you walk into the mens side .. you have definetly left the feminine fuss behind and are in a man's closet .. even the feel is different.

Someone was really awake on this one .... style, form, and subtance .. surely a winning combination. You will want to check this one out. Kudos to everyone involved.

Kissing Booth.


Gems & Kisses .... think about the name now look at the photo .. the name .. the photo .. did I capture the essence or what? I am setting up a kissing booth right now and wearing all my Gems & Kisses jewellery and then when someone comes along and their mouth drops to the floor and they are like ... "whoa ... nice jewellery Bliss you beautiful fashionista you .... " I am going to be like ....."Ya's from Gems & KISSSSSSSSES" and then pucker up ... cause I believe in truth in advertising baby ....


But right now I am just going to admire my witty picture play ... gems & kisses ... I crack me up sometimes ... I think it is a hang over from when this all started as a kid. There was a contest on the radio for some egg company .. ya ya cry me a liver here people .. in the big city in the world you advertise tvs and sports cars .. on the farms in the frozen northland (except during olympic games) ... the buzz is all over eggs ... can I finish the story now? So ya ... eggs .. commercial and there was a huge prize ... a stereo actually I think and I was like wow I should enter this cause I need something to put my pet rocks on to show case them ....

The contest was about putting egg into a word .. so EGGxactly for EGGxample. So I came up with ... are you ready for this ... supercalEGGfragEGGlistEGG-EGGxspealEGGdoucious!!! I mailed my letter and waited with baited breath to be announced the winner ...

I rushed home and asked if there was any mail from the radio station every day and every day ... "Nope." And then one day .... there was a letter to me from the radio station .... I grabbed the envelope turned it over and read ....


"Returned to Sender, insufficient postage ....."

EGGxasperating won I think ... I was too EGGhxhausted to care so I simply started listening to the cow channel ....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fashion Views.


Some things just don't translate well from Second Life into Real Life .....


You know, in Real Life there is a whole range of things that you just can't wear, big bows, too low cut tops, bikinis, size 0 anything, size 6 shoes .... these are usually the things that are left on the sales rack for the huge fantastic designer sale ... 90% off... those and anything else that would never fit you in a million years ....


You can't wear that little tube skin tight dress cause there is nowhere to put the third boob it creates as it pinches and squeezes all that you are into its encasing ....or the bra that is meant to give you sexy cleavage actually creates a head rest under your chin or a nifty place to lay your hair pins while you do your hair up ....


And then when you are out in public talking on your cell phone and you talk about the cool dress you bought in second life and your friend asks how it looks on you because when she tried it - it just made her ass look huge and you answer ... "Oh I just took my bum off ...."

I think those are the kind of statements that lead people to think that Second Life is just a virtual gathering place for lunatics and deviants ...

Well it could be that or the fact that Second Life is a virtual gathering place for lunatics and deviants ... not sure ....

SKIN: Redgrave
LASHES: Belleza
SHOES: Maitreya
JEWELLERY: Gems & Kisses

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tray Bow.

Tres Beau ...



I love names of things and how kids get them all confused. Like the little girl who didn't want to go to the Calgary Stampede and argued with her mom. when they got to the bottom of it she said she didn't want to go to the city where they "frucified" Jesus ... she didn't care how cool the cowboys were ....


Or the little girl who was repeatedly told her grandmother's girl friends were coming for a visit. they had all grown up together and been friends since grade school in Regina. She should be good and mind her manners. Over and over she was told so that when they finally showed up the grandmother said .. "here are grandma's girlfriends .. they came all the way from ...."
"I know, I KNOW ..." the little girl interrupted ....and bobbing her head back and forth, rolling her eyes and singsonging she continued ...."...they came all the way from VAAAA - GINNNA."


Well it is true we speak French as a second language in the frozen northland BUT that doesn't mean we alwasys understood it and for years when my grandparents talked about people being brokenhearted cause say some woman was crying and her "beau" left her I thought they were all batty. First of all a bow for crying out loud???? Who gets that attached and second of all how the hell does a bow leave? I mean it comes undone, it falls off .. but leaves? Maybe that is why when they told me that I needed to sit up straight and not climb up on coffee tables and let everyone see my frilly underpants ... I suspected they didn't know what the hell they were talking about either ...... two year olds are like that ... they can be very critical ... hmmmmm ... I am making a note of that for my therapist ....


BUT this outfit .. from Tres Beau . . that does not mean it is very "bow." It means Very fine, very beautiful and it is ... tres tres ... all of that stuff ....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Running with Scissors ...


Running with scissors ... lets discuss ....


Sometimes as an adult .. I have put a pair of scissors in my purse and run with them ... just because I like the satisfaction of getting to the airport and getting on the plane and not getting caught and then when everyone talks about their ariport security nightmares and how their tube of $50,000 lipstick was confiscated because they could use it to draw a bulls-eye on someone and then hook up with their terrorist partner and fashion a gun out of elastics I can tell them how I got on the plane with scissors cause I look sooooo innocent ....but I am not ... I am a hardened criminal ... I ran with scissors for crying out loud ....


And then I usually surrender to my mom and confess everything within a couple of days ... life on the lamb is just no way to live .....

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HAT: Jinko
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Muddle Puddles.


Remember playing in rain puddles .... it was the best ...except for the grumpy wumpy parents screaming .. "GET OUT OF THE RAIN PUDDLES YOU'LL GET WET!!!"

Duh ....


Thank you Captain Observation ... er mom ....


That fascination continued into teenage years when you had your car, a big crowd of people, who laughed at you in high school all gathered together like providence had intervened and presented justice in this little vignette ... them standing there on the side of the street, you in a car, rain, a huge mud puddle right in front of them ....

Forgive me Father, I have sinned ...... the tempation was just too much ... I am weak .. so weak ...


And then you get into fashion and your boss says ... I want you to play in the water (with your designer clothes and shoes worth wayyyyy more than penny loafers and a school uniform) ....and you go ..."You aren't a parent are you?"

And you jump in and play ....

It's the call of the mud puddle .. it never gets out of your system ...

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HAIR: AMG Boudoir
NECKLACE: Unique Needs
OUTFIT: Designs by Capri