Friday, February 26, 2010

Audrey Isn't Toddrey.

audrey 4

Duh ... of course not ... Audrey is a girl just like it is "Eve not Steve." Gee some word are dumb. Like my grandparents would say "Don't wear that it is so toddrey!" And I was like "Toddrey likes pink frilly dresses with slits up the thighs? Where does he live?" (cause living on the vast prairies of the frozen (except during the olympics) northland .. believe me .. that would have been a sight to see ....)

No other word for this BUT Elegassic ... I have to make up new words .... someone comes along with a really great word and then you hear it applied to everything ....and then comes out the Blissy's Mr. Rule Book.

audrey 2

Words like smexy, hawt, smexilicious, orgasimically stupendous, etc ...... soooo overused and tired ..... I have banned myself from using them ever again and they are in the rulebook and so now I just punch myself if I say them ... I would like to punch the people who also say them all the time (like 20 times in one sentence) but that is not allowed .... once you are out of school you kind of have to put away the punching tools along with the school books ... (although I was happy about putting away those ... at the time ... )

audrey 3

You can punch me if you ever hear me say those words ....

audrey 1

Cause then .... justifiable homicide .... in a court of law .....

SKIN: Fhang Candy
LASHES: TB (no longer available)
OUTFIT: Tres Beau
SHOES: Nardcotix
EARRINGS: Kunglers
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