Monday, February 8, 2010

Coffee and Me (No Tea) ...

coffee 2

Coffee is a staple in Canada ... Australia it is water or beer (not necessarily in that order)... Canada .. coffee. Forget customs when you get off the plane .. TIM HORTONS!!!!!!!

coffee 1

People get up in the morning, stumble into ther clothes, find the keys, get in the car and drive the shortest distance to the nearest Tim Hortons ... over the neighbours yards, through playgrounds, across 8 lanes of traffic ....

Their hands shake trying to hold out their credit card to pay and putting the converted garbage can with a handle (jumbo size) coffee cup up on the counter to be filled. Until they get that first couple of swigs ... you don't make eye contact or make any sudden moves .... I am warning you .. NEVER come between a Canadian and their Tim Hortons ....

They actually are thinking of changing the Mountie Uniforms into Tim Horton Jump Suits ....with a moose insignia of course ....

coffee 3

We don't need GPS in Canada .. we just navigate our way by Tim Hortons ... "ya .. go down to the Tim Hortons by the park .. turn left and go to the second Tim Hortons ... then turn right, a squick left and pass one more Tim Hortons and go up about half a block .... "

""Got ya!!"

coffee 4

We don't have Tim Hortons in Australia ... and I am very bitter about it ....BUT there are rumours they are expanding ... I am gluegunning my own garbage can coffee mug right now ....whooooooooooot .....

SKIN: Firefall
HAIR: Amrita
SKIRT: Hot LALA (part)
SHOES: Opium
POSES: BehaviorBody
LOCATION: Blissou Studios
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