Thursday, February 4, 2010

Completely Gratuitous

Sometimes when you are sorting through your wardrobe and laughing hysterically that you ever thought to keep something or mercilessly chucking things in an effort to find air under the mounds of unused inventory ....something that is not new but is still so outstanding that you just have to put it on again and take a picture, pops up.

Designers .... aren't we lucky to have them? Eshi is gone from SL in that she does not have a store and she is not designing clothes to be sold, but what an incredible talent she is. I have only met the lady briefly and had a small encounter, enough to know she is as beautiful a lady on the inside as her talent manifests. So ladies and gentlemen .. if you will ... raise your glasses with me in a toast to the fashion, talent and beauty of Eshi Otawara.

eshi 1

eshi 3

eshi 4

more pics here
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