Friday, February 19, 2010

Fhang Candy Goli.

fhang candy goli skins

Michi Fhang of Fhang Candy does it again ... this time with her new skin Goli! New to this line is an offering of the palest of lipsticks with lavender eye shadows that really pop with the right hair and is perfect for those retro 70's looks.

You know ... when white lipstick was all the rage and the old ruby redded, blotted and stained lipped ones ...(grandma and especially grandpa) ... roamed the earth? And you would come out all excited thinking you looked soooo hot and grandpa would forget to put his false teeth back in and would bellow ...."what the hell ith wrong with your lipth? You look like you've been thrathing around in a flour barrel!" And then we would mutter under his breath something about "in hith day no selth rethpecting woman would go out looking like a flour lipped huthy and the what the hell wath wrong with women theeth dayth?"

And then you would point out time moveth on and prehapth he mithed the train and offer to buy him a ticket tho he can travel from the prehithtoric thtone age to the modern timeth.

Journal entry at the time: Note to self. "Mimicking someone who is missing their false teeth is evidently NOT considered funny. When and adult presents you with an opporunity to give as good as you get, no matter how wide they swing that fence open, no matter how tempted you are .... SHUTUP!"
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