Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hey Hey ... Ruffled Underpants!!!


Ok .. like I was going to walk past a display of an outfit that has ruffled underpants (well bloomers technically) and it is Donna Flora to boot??? HA!!


Who knew ... and then I got to thinking .. wear the ruffled underpants on the OUTSIDE of your clothes, call yourself Madonna, prance around and voila ... acceptability!!! And my old Aunt Hester and her "nice young ladies keep their legs together and their dresses down ..." can get stuffed!!!


In fact I am so going to buy her a pair of fortrel pants and sew some of her cotton briefs on the outside ... you know some with like HOT MAMA on the ass .... and give it to her for Christmas ....except that in her case, those aren't ruffles .. they are wrinkles ....


If you wanna know if there are ruffles on the bum of these babies .. come up and see me sometime ..... hahaha.
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