Sunday, February 28, 2010

Humming ....


I love hummingbirds. I am fascinated by the way they fly and their incredible colours. I think they are my totem animal although I have not seen one on a totem pole ...


They are a repeated theme in my life .... Like my teachers would always say, "WHO IS DOING THAT HUMMING?" Of course it would be me!! And once identified, I would get detention or lines cause damn those were an effective deterrent. I figured out how to do a little notched stick with elastic bands and was able to write six lines at once perfectly. "I will not hum in class." And boy did I learn my lesson. They should do that for criminals .. forget jail. "I will not steal cars." .. 1000 times .. cured .. changed man ... trust me ...


Oh ... and after the teacher would do that .. I would flip her the bird ... see .. reoccuring themes .. the humming bird .. my totem animal (sans the totem).

More pictures here.

SKIN: CandyDoll
LASHES: TB (no longer available)
HAIR: Paper Couture
PANTS: House of Hucci
SHIRT: House of Hucci
SHOES: House of Hucci
SHAWL: Zaara
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