Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hyper Hyper Hyper Culture (Bouncing Off The Walls!!)


Finally a place just for those of us with ADHD and waiting for our ritalin ..... we can feel at home!!


I always think it is more fun if the kids parents take the ritalin and leave the poor kids alone ... that way the kids can be their natural, enthusiastic selves and the parents will be so calm .. they will either not care .. or be unconscious .. Parents have had their childhood ... leave the kids alone ....


BUT parent or child, hyper or not .. Hyper Culture is a fantastic store with everything from formals, to sexy pieces to mix and match. Christensia Parkin has a great eye and her things are very well made. You will definitely want to check this out ... and hey .. you coffee drinkers do a good job of imitating ADHD .. you can come too .....(tea? ... not so much ...)
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