Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just a Casual Outfit ...


It's always great to spend a day out in the great outdoors ...but I refuse to wear running shoes and dark track suits. I am anti bum riding and track pants can ... and frankly why risk it?? Especially if you are wearing a g-string ..... a woman has to look fashionable and besides I am still really bitter from all that snow business and hand me down long johns from my days in the frozen northland ....The liklihood of your brother or grandpa john wearing a g-string and that getting handed down are slim to none ... oh wait a minute .. this is SL isn't it? Strike that ....


And a really good bag can hold those clam thingys and shells and rocks just as easily you know .... and then you have a really good excuse to buy a new one .....


I would also like to point out that wearing false eyelashes is not just a fashion statement .. they help to bat the bugs away from the eyeball BEFORE they fly in there and then your eyes water and your mascara runs and you look like some kind of monster and then the animals run away from you in fear ... not that that has actually happened to me before .. really .. but in my own defense ... the bear did testify that he saw my hand in my pocket and thought I had a gun .. .it had nothing to do with running mascara ...

What don't bears talk to you??

SKIN: Glance
LASHES: Chaisuki
SHIRT: Phoenix Rising
COAT: aDiva
PANTS: Phoenix Rising
SHOES: Stiletto Moody
PURSE: Pacadi Jasha
POSES: BehaviorBody
LOCATIONS: Blissou Studio
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