Sunday, February 7, 2010

Knees of Steel.


So back to my Aunt Hester and her wealth of important tidbits which often rhyme or can even be a song ... she is of the opinion that that one must always act like a lady .... so I suggested she take acting lessons .... you know get out of being type cast .. that is one nasty rut ....


Pretty is as Pretty does? Who the hell is Pretty? Have you ever heard of her? Me Neither. Now Madonna is as Madonnna does and Aunt Hester sure would not approve of me doing her.....although I understand lots have ... and liked it .... sigh .....

Anyway like the picture suggests ... sometimes you just hear the call of the wild .. calling you .. wildly ... and there is nothing in those lyrics about lady. What are you supposed to do if you happen to be in a dress?


According to Aunt Hester, you sit down and smooth your dress and press your knees together firmly. My Aunt Hester is 50 gabazillion years old ... the knees of a young girl .. I swear ....toned and buff ,.. you could bounce quarters off those babies ... and I frequently do ... well not exactly quarters ... more like marbles ... and thrown ... really hard ... with one hand .. while the other smooths my dress .....they do bounce ... and Aunt Hester once said a whole lot of words that were not lady like at all ... I have them on tape ... blackmail .. hehehe.....

SKIN: Exodi
HAIR: Bishwear
LASHES: Silhouette
DRESS: Aoharu
JACKET (part of it only): Aoharu
SHOES: SKG (no longer available)
POSES: Twosome
LOCATION: Blissou Studios
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