Monday, February 22, 2010

A Little Light Dancing.


Who knew the lace curtains, the heirloom bridal gown veil blackened by play and being hidden under your bed for weeks. some plastic flowers and a glue gun could look so fab right??


Disclaimer: putting a candle in the fishbowl while the fish wait patiently for the return to their home is not a good idea. One glass cracks when heated. Two it gets really hot in your hand and you drop it and it cracks. Three the fish can't live in a tea-cup for more than a day or so and when your mom finds out she cracks and four when you get the walloping .. you crack and confess everything your brother did in the last 3 years just so they will turn their disciplining attention away from you ....cause that is what brothers are for afterall ... distractions, diversions, smokescreens ... yup .. brothers at their best!


But luckily ... ALB does the same dress without the heirloom factor .. it may not be as exciting as the thrill of the crime spree .. but crime does not pay (only writing that cause mom is monitoring all my internet at the moment .. from the nursing home ...). Glitterati has the shining orbs ...

I hate growing up ....

More pics here.

SKIN: Fhang Candy
HAIR: Amacci
OUTFIT: Alb Fashion
POSES AND BALL: Glitterati
LOCATION: Blissou Studios
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