Sunday, February 14, 2010

Muddle Puddles.


Remember playing in rain puddles .... it was the best ...except for the grumpy wumpy parents screaming .. "GET OUT OF THE RAIN PUDDLES YOU'LL GET WET!!!"

Duh ....


Thank you Captain Observation ... er mom ....


That fascination continued into teenage years when you had your car, a big crowd of people, who laughed at you in high school all gathered together like providence had intervened and presented justice in this little vignette ... them standing there on the side of the street, you in a car, rain, a huge mud puddle right in front of them ....

Forgive me Father, I have sinned ...... the tempation was just too much ... I am weak .. so weak ...


And then you get into fashion and your boss says ... I want you to play in the water (with your designer clothes and shoes worth wayyyyy more than penny loafers and a school uniform) ....and you go ..."You aren't a parent are you?"

And you jump in and play ....

It's the call of the mud puddle .. it never gets out of your system ...

SKIN: Don't Bother NO Customer Service!!
HAIR: AMG Boudoir
NECKLACE: Unique Needs
OUTFIT: Designs by Capri
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