Thursday, February 11, 2010

MY Kindergarten Teacher was a Liar.


I love when the things you learned in school come into play in real life .. especially the unexpected things ... like I used to argue with my kindergarten teacher about cutting out shapes .. I wanted to know just where she thought all this scissor manipulation was going to position us in the job markets? Where in any of the latest career choices was snowflake design and cutting listed as one of the main considerations? She tried to tell me doctors needed to know .. and I had to point out to her the difference between a scalple and a pair of scissors ...


But wow ... look what a pair of scissors can do to a dress? This used to be part of a nuns outfit. With a little glue gunning of some lace, some cutout snowflakes glued on and cutting away half the outfit ... wow wow wowwy wow ....


Next week I am taking my scissors to Moon Suits ..... and I am going to run with them .... and when I get to the moon and still have both eyes ... I am so going to take a picture and send that to my kindergarten teacher too ...


She can put it with the other pictures I sent her - one of the glue factory where there are no horses hooves AND the other one of me eating glue in 1982 and then still alive yesterday ...

She was such a liar ... that kindergarten teacher ... no wonder kids are so whacked ....

SKIN: Fhang Candy
HAIR: Vignette
OUTFIT: Fire Roses
SHOES: Sugar
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