Thursday, February 18, 2010

Phoenix has Indeed Risen!!!

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising ... run .. do NOT walk to the store. WOW.

Ashoka Eales of Phoenix Rising has opened the doors to her new store on her own island. I don't normally write about these things but colour me impressed. Who doesn't love Phoenix Rising anyway? All of the good stuff is there and so much more!

The store is beautifully done in quiet calm colours with punches of colours provided by the clothes and thoughtful little details. It reminded me instantly of the best celebrity closet you have ever seen. The clothes have been laid out with a logical and useful plan allowing you to easily mix and match the exact pieces you want. I love how beneath and beside the clothes are the shoes, and accessories and you don't even have to go to another department and figure it all out. The shoes are Nardcotix and let me tell you, they are beautiful shoes and priced perfectly!!! There are boxes, half open with peeks of what is inside, like a well loved closet would have ... lots of room to walk around and admire all the usual great designs.

You walk in with clear signage to the men's (a whole new fabulous line) and the ladies. I love how she carries enough continuity to pull it all together BUT once you walk into the mens side .. you have definetly left the feminine fuss behind and are in a man's closet .. even the feel is different.

Someone was really awake on this one .... style, form, and subtance .. surely a winning combination. You will want to check this one out. Kudos to everyone involved.
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