Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tray Bow.

Tres Beau ...



I love names of things and how kids get them all confused. Like the little girl who didn't want to go to the Calgary Stampede and argued with her mom. when they got to the bottom of it she said she didn't want to go to the city where they "frucified" Jesus ... she didn't care how cool the cowboys were ....


Or the little girl who was repeatedly told her grandmother's girl friends were coming for a visit. they had all grown up together and been friends since grade school in Regina. She should be good and mind her manners. Over and over she was told so that when they finally showed up the grandmother said .. "here are grandma's girlfriends .. they came all the way from ...."
"I know, I KNOW ..." the little girl interrupted ....and bobbing her head back and forth, rolling her eyes and singsonging she continued ...."...they came all the way from VAAAA - GINNNA."


Well it is true we speak French as a second language in the frozen northland BUT that doesn't mean we alwasys understood it and for years when my grandparents talked about people being brokenhearted cause say some woman was crying and her "beau" left her I thought they were all batty. First of all a bow for crying out loud???? Who gets that attached and second of all how the hell does a bow leave? I mean it comes undone, it falls off .. but leaves? Maybe that is why when they told me that I needed to sit up straight and not climb up on coffee tables and let everyone see my frilly underpants ... I suspected they didn't know what the hell they were talking about either ...... two year olds are like that ... they can be very critical ... hmmmmm ... I am making a note of that for my therapist ....


BUT this outfit .. from Tres Beau . . that does not mean it is very "bow." It means Very fine, very beautiful and it is ... tres tres ... all of that stuff ....
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