Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weenies Make for Strong Wolves ....


I started a fire once. And then we roasted weenies and marshmallows .....cause that's what you do when you are outside in the summer in the frozen(except for during the olymics) northland .. fighting off the mosquitos ... chewing through the charcoaled burnt outer edges of gawd-knows-what in a tube .. and then the burnt charcoaled outer edges of liquified sugar ....we have a swell diet ..


I think it comes from just being fed up with whale blubber ....


Oh we eat that stuff in the winter too cause after awhile of standing outside in all that gear in the frozen (except for during the olymics) northland, someone builds a fire and puts a stick in your hand with a weenie on the end of it and then we close our eyes and pretend we can move and that it is summer, and we are swatting mosquitos and that we can actually get the end of that stick to our mouth to eat the burnt weenie ...

It usually just falls off into the snow and the wolves come and eat it.

That's why wolves are such a huge problem in the frozen (except for during the olymics) northland.

Weenies make strong wolves ....

Write that one down ... feel free to use it today in your attempt to impress others with your wisdom ....

More pics here.

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