Tuesday, February 23, 2010


saloon 3

Ok like ... when I ran away from the farm ... I threw the cowboy boots and the cowboy hats in some old bin along some deserted graineries and swore .... cause I did that alot then .. swearing ... oh helll I do it now .. but anyway ... I chucked them all out and INSISTED never again ....

I grabbed a pair of high high heels and was in heaven ....

saloon 2

I made a pact with my hubby .. if I ever lost my mind so that I put on cowboy boots again or a cowboy hat he should just put the pillow on my face and press as I would have obviously lost my mind .. .... he said .. "um .. some people would argue that you are there already, without the cowboy evidence ...."

saloon 1

Well damn Jaxie Oceanlane and her red cowboy boots ... that store is obviously some kind of cult .. I swear I saw Tom Cruise hanging around and the next thing you know ... I bought them ... and there were soooo many more in the store and they were all kind of going in a scary horror movie voice ... "hey Blissy .... Blissssssssy (breathy whisper here) ... you know you wanna buy us .... .Blisssssssy .. come here ......"

saloon 4

Now I have had to tape brown paper all over my screen so my hubby doesn't see this post ... cause he has a pillow and he is not afraid to use it ....

SKIN: Cupcakes
LASHES: TB (no longer available)
OUFIT: Kissed By Lithium
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