Wednesday, March 31, 2010


faces 1

I look at SL as fairly cheap therapy. Seriously. Think about it. This is a perfect example.

All the "Natalies" I have ever known in my life were stuck up bitches. (Oh don't get your grandmother to write me and tell me your name is Natalie and you were girl guide of the year and you often rescue sick puppies ...) MY Natalies were bitches. (beautiful girls but all bitches)

faces 2

So the first thing I did with this skin was dress her like a total dork in newbie clothes, no AO, and took her to a fashionable mall and made her walk around so that everyone could laugh at her and see how she liked it ....

faces 3

It was great!! I was high fiving myself and pointing, laughing, and watching all the other people looking at her and was right in the middle of screaming ., "KARMA BABY! PAYBACK IS A ...." when I realized that the name above her head was not "Natalie" at all ... it was "Bliss Windlow" and people were laughing again ... at ME!!!!

Damn Natalies ....

(But then I went home and thought as a "Bliss" she is darn cute .. and we had a moment, a group hug and now I have embraced my Natalieness ... and if you are one of the people who saw me that day .. it was all in the name of science ... well medical science .. ok .. therapy ....

walk away folks .. nothing to see here ....)

Fishy Strawberry.


TBSC Flannel Navy

Even casual with Kimmera Madison has a flair to it. These wonderful high waisted flannel pants are fantastic and can take a woman from a day shopping in style, to a casual date, to travel, to even a casual evening out. It is always a bonus to be slightly over dressed, and some of us are just not jeans and t-shirts type of people.

These sophisticated pants are beautifully tailored in a wider leg, cuffed to finish them and to draw the eye down the leg. The raised waist is accented with gold rivets through which Kimmera uses the softest silk matching ribbon tied in a beautiful bow to remind everyone this woman definitely has a softer side. It is this kind of unexpected details that sets Kimmera's designs apart and insists to every woman .. she has to have this outfit.

The beautiful semi transparent white lace blouse is off the shoulders, framing the hollow of the neck and collar bone. The scalloped edging skims across the décolletage and is continued over the arms. The bells sleeves are dramatic in their execution with layers of lace falling from the elbow gathers. With each movement of the hand one's eye is caught in a butterfly movement of lace as it softly flutters into place.

Elegant, sophisticated, and decidedly feminine, Flannel comes in 4 colour options of Navy (shown here), Grey, Brown and Plum and retails for $350L.

SKIN: Lara
SHOES: Nardcotix
JEWELLERY: Ticky Tacky

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Purple Blues.


Have always wondered why purple is such an Easter colour .. yellow I get .. yellow chickie, yellow duckies, yellow dafodills ....


But purple .. hmmm .. the colour of the bruise when you fall of your new bike? Aunt Marnies new hair colour? I mean lets be serious purple is a colour of endings really .. old people wear lots of purple ....


That's why I am pretty sure Poulet Koenkamp use blues as well to sort of say .. this is not the seniors home folks .. and you note I did not use walkers or support hose .. cause I believe in supporting the designers vision....

SKIN: Belleza
HAIR: Lamb
EARRINGS: Bliensen + MaiTai
RING: Paper Couture


TBSC Bunny

Caught, and tucked, with careless abandon, layers of varying degrees of blushed pink along with a traditionally beautiful, cabbage rose print of muted pinks and greens tumble from the tight strapless bodice inspired by Dior. A swag of darker pink satin drapes across the breast softening the line and adding interest.

Included with this dress is a wide matching belt to finish off the waist and draw attention, opera length gloves, and layers of various lengths adding shape, texture and movement to the dress.

In the tradition of Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and all things princess, Kimmera Madison tenders her token offering to the world of pink just in time for Easter. This is not a frequent, or comfortable, palette for Kimmera, but she gave in to the pressure of a close friend, and you'll be so glad that she surrendered. What better way to dance a spring night away than in this beautiful gown? Retails for $1000L.

TBSC Bunny 1

Monday, March 29, 2010

Iz Mu Gangked???


Ok this is a remake of a number of classics ... I like to call it Pink Flashella.


The general idea is that the President of the earth (Barabrella) has sent Molly (Pretty in Pink) to go to a second hand shop and sew an outfit for Alex (Flashdance) to um .... FLASH .. in ...


Hence in this scene there is a whole lot of pink flashing going on ....


And then Richard Gere comes in, in his uniform and cries out ADRIANNNNNNNN and picks her up out of the factory and carries her away to boldly go where no man has gone before .... except last Saturday night ... twice ...

SKIN: Lara
HAIR: Amacci
SHOES: Baiastice


TBSC Idylle

Idylle is a piece for violin and piano composed by Edward Elgar in 1884, as his Opus 4, No. 1. It was Elgar's first published work. It is dedicated to "Miss E. E., Inverness" A loving gift.

Kimmera Madison's Idylle, captures Elgar's infatuation and invokes the essence of the word with its rich colours. Idylle is also a loving gift. a promise to the men of SL. The word Idylle has many shadings and meanings from a romantic interlude, to a narrative, to a short piece of poetry depicting pastoral scenes. You can write you own stories while wearing Idylle.

Idylle has the look of lingerie, and the version in the pictures is plummy purple .... but there is nothing 1800s about this exquisite new, barely there, gown by Tres Beau's Kimmera Madison. Retailing at $400L you have a colour palette of Blush, Black, Rouge and shown here … Plum, to choose from.

The bodice is formedof silks semi transparent plum and sheer black, framed, and detailed, with black, glossy, silk ribbon of varying widths. Rose and leaf patterned black lace is sewn onto, and edges, the bodice to form the sides and lower portion. Despite the use of such delicate sheers and lace, Kimmera manages to keep the dress appropriate and elegant.

The merest hint of a skirt is formed with stringed drops of handmade, knotted lace, caught and gathered in the front and the back. The visibly intricate detailing on this gown, a signature trademark of all Kimmera's work, is outstanding. You'll fall in love with this versatile dress and you'll certainly be noticed the moment you walk into a room. HE will fall in love with you all over again.

TBSC Idylle 2

SKIN: Nuuna Skins
HAIR: Dejavu
LASHES: K-Design
JEWELLERY: CDC Jewellery (no longer available)
SHOES: 24 Shoo Shoes

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tiger Lily


Ok before you get Martha Stewart or the G-Staff from Better Homes and Garden to spam me with offers for enrollment in a gardening class complete with my own designer set of viagra ...I do know these flowers are NOT Tiger Lilies .. they are Hibiscus .. methinks... ok you can have the Hibsicus lady call me if I am wrong...


But see I saw Orange ... similar shape and went "ohhhh ,.. and my mind did this catapualt straight to Tiger Lily ... it is what happens when you have had a traumatic experience .. anything can happen ...

I bet you thought Tiger Lily was named cause it looks like the colour on a Tiger .. NNNNNNNEHHHHH (hear that?? that is the big buzzer in the sky that goes off when you have given a wrong answer .. well at least it does for me ...) You lose $100 bucks for buzzing in too quickly and giving the wrong answer .. not sure how it will happen but trust me you will lose $100 bucks somehow in the next 8 minutes unless you send this blog post on to 18,345 of your closest friends .. then .. I swear .. something wonderful will happen .. you just have to try it and see ,..


Nope Tiger Lily was named after "Lily" ... a girl I went to school with. She bullied everyone and if she knew you had shortbread cookies with all the sprinkles at Christmas time in your lunch, she would stalk you, slowly moving in, cornering you , demanding you hand them over. When you didn't ... she would jump on you and bite you ... and she had really really sharp teeth ... and then you would have to get a tetnus shot and she would smile when hers went in ... (WHAT? Bite me .. I bite you back!!!)

Hence the name "Tiger Lily." (NOTE: OH and because this is always an educational blog ... though maybe I should point out that if ever cornered by this woman ... DO NOT call her "Kitty Litter Face" as evidently it just incites her ... that and scarfing all the cookies down, shoving them all in your mouth at once and eating them in front of her ...)

SKIN: Lara
HAIR: Lamb
LASHES: Ultra Kitty
TOP: R.icielli
SKIRT: R.icielli
JACKET: R.icielli
SHOES: Baiastice
RING: Paper Couture

Friday, March 26, 2010

Garden Party.

TBSC Garden Party

Garden Party is a spring dress sure to captivate your heart as we finally think about packing away the bulky winter sweaters and celebrate the soft bright colours of life finding their way back to our world.

Garden Parties began in the late Victorian era. Summers would find owners of large estates transforming the garden area into beautiful areas filled with lanterns, soft music, long buffet tables with tasty and light fares, and beautiful unexpected seating for an open air event allowing everyone to completely relax. It was considered quite the social event with the socially elite dressing to impress and certainly .. an occasion for hats!! Along with the traditional games of lawn bowling and tennis, men and women engaged in the art of "flirting"

Today's Garden Parties are much more relaxed and can take place anywhere, but it is still such fun and oh so fashionable to be invited to one that attempts to recapture that Victorian elegance. Kimmera Madison pays a playful hommage to that garden party with an extremely flirty and fun version. You will adore how this skirt moves and bounces as you walk. The details on the crinolines are so very pretty. Done in a soft cooler pink with just a hint of underlying purple, the dress fits tight through the bodice, accented with a contrasting green belt and then ruffles in soft folds over the stiffer crinolines. Both skirt and crinolines move as you walk. Kimmera has topped it off with a cute, folded back, wide brimmed straw hat with both ruffles and a large contrasting white bow on the back. This makes the hat super easy to wear without sacrificing your hairstyle - covering a myriad of problems normally associated with hats in SL.

TBSC Garen Party 2

I have complimented the outfit with a simple pink heart jewellery set and cute heels and ankle socks. Simple but effective!

Retails for $600L.

SKIN: CandyDoll
HAIR: Vignette
SHOES: Urbanity

FAME .. I'm Gonna Live Forever!!!


I always wanted to recreate the whole Fame thing .. you know kids walk down the street .. feeling the vibe .... and one starts.... and the next thing you know .. everyone is dancing and singing in 8 part harmony ... all the instruments appear out of back packs .. including the grand piano .... and dancing in perfect sync ... like wow ....


So I got me a ghetto blaster, dragged Biff and a couple of the cows with me and went into small town, frozen northland and turned it up ... right on the corner where the post office meets the curling rink meets the grain elevator .. and I started dancing .. and Biff was throwing up .. the cows were kind of swaying but then I realized they were actually bulling .. that time of year .. and that is just wrong ... THAT was never anywhere in the film....


And then an old lady came out with her spoons and started clogging and I just stopped ... I looked around and knew right then and there .. small town, frozen northland was just soul-less .. they couldn't hear the music .. (well not without their hearing aids). I packed up the ghetto blaster and Biff .. hosed down the cows and went home ...

Next week .. Footloose ... and a recreation of Mad Max using a combine and the sheep ... whoot ...When there is music in your soul baby .. you never give up ....

SKIN: Black&Blue
HAIR: Hair Influence
BRACELETS: Ticky Tacky

Thursday, March 25, 2010

White Linen.

TBSC White Linen

White Linen - does anything speak more to a woman's heart about the transition to the warmer seasons than white linen? The decadence of finally putting on the crisp white suit or dress, strapping on some perfect heels and heading out into the sunshine, can be better than sex. It is off with the dull heavy darks of winter and welcome to the warmth and sunshine and endless possibilities. We feel the glow of the summer months beginning from within and are anxious to embrace the freedom.

This is the feeling with Kimmera Madisons new offering, White Linen. With the swing and movement and cut of a coat dress, complete with wide lapels and a stand up collar, one might look towards a business luncheon or a fantastic afternoon sipping wine and cocktails with the girls, but Kimmera does not stop there. She amps the overall appeal of this dress by adding an unexpected slit, allowing for glimpses of the leg all the way up to the thigh to where the dress is caught with a single big bow, giving an invitation of quick and easy access to that special someone.

Wear it with or without the contrasting tube top, depending on your confidence, but one thing is for sure, THIS is a dress that will get you noticed. Spring is definitely here and the summer is going to be HOT!!!

TBSC White Linen a TBSC White Linen b

Retails for $600L. Tres Beau.

Wuthering Heights.


So I like to recreate stories in my life... little moments caught on film, edited and stored in a vault. I know when my kids sit down to find out what they inherited they will be thrilled to have hours and hours of my version of everything to watch ... it is kind of like the gift that keeps on giving .. hours and hours and hours of me .. on their television .. like I never left them .. whoot!!! They will be so glad to know that's where all my millions went and that I thought of them like that.


Here I am recreating Wuthering Heights .. in this scene Cathy gets locked out of the house and wanders the moors in her underwear .... Heathcliff has been taken by Vikings who are in a time warp and have locked him in a box under my bed. (Heathcliff being played by my brother Biff ...)


As the storm approaches she notices Ben Franklin playing with a kite down the beach and sits down to watch ... (Ben Franklin also played by my brother Biff - in a different costume of course now running up and down the beach with a kite in a lightning storm ,...)

There are distinct advantages to being able to read well when your brother does not ... such as being able to take a little literary license in the retelling of the tales .....


More Pics here ...

"Hepburn." by Bliss Windlow.

TBSC Hepburn

Tres Beau Introduces "Hepburn" and takes you back to the best of Katharine Hepburn and her signature slouch pants with Kimmera Madisons latest collection. Once considered scandolous, these beautiful draped pants quickly became one of the most recognized classic styles. Representing a new type of woman, an independence never before seen, Katharine Hepburn did it all ... including her own stunts. These pants became a symbol of that woman and of a new trend that changed us forever. You can recreate a touch of this classic style with these beautifully detailed replicas. Choices of colour range from Smoke, Burgandy, Steele, and shown here - Sienna.

Soft draped pants fall beautifully from the high cinched in waist, detailed with flared pockets. The shirt is simple, slightly feminine, with a hint of sex in the peekaboo lace from the black sexy bra. The derby hat is fun and adds a bit of a kick to this fantastic outfit that is sure to be one of your favourites. Each colour retails for $600L and is available in store now.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Egg Loser.


Another Easter tradition hunting for coloured eggs hidden around the yard ... and how dumb were we ... big deal .... eggs with coloured shells ...


It meant egg salad sandwiches for school for the next week .. and wow don't those babies make you popular with the other kids when you open up your lunch box ....


Automatic gas masks drop .. everyone hits the floor .... whoot Blissy has egg sandwiches again ...which is why I stopped hunting in about grade 2 and just congratulated Biff!! "Way to go Biffster .. YOU are the Weiner!! (oops winner) No NO I couldn't possibly take his winnings .. gosh darn it I am sooo disappointed (doing a Pop-Eye the Sailor arm movement of darn it alll) You get ALL the egg sandwiches .. I will just have peanut butter again ...sigh sigh sigh"

I loved it when Biff was all in my face bragging about what a winner he was and what a loser I was ... reliving every moment of the egg hunt ... each egg .. how I walked right by it and didn't see it .. taunt taunt taunt .. until that magical moment when he would sit at lunch and open his lunch bucket ....

OH YES!!! YES! YES! YES! no words needed ... egg loser ......

SKIN: Fhang Candy
HAIR: Lamb
LASHES: Wasabi Pills
DRESS: Donna Flora
SHOES: Taboo
EARRINGS: Kunglers
CUFFS: +Ezura+

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Trouble with Models...


Ok I ran out of straight jackets that normally I insist my models wear when photographing ...


And ... I had several glasses of wine at the time of the photoshoot ....


BIG MISTAKE ... look at the attitude on "purple's" face .. what a cow she was ....


So I started smacking them and telling them too shape up .. until ...


Hubby came in and asked what the hell I was doing with the ruler and what were all those red marks on my ass??

Then he took away the wine ....

CandyDoll Raluca - beautiful!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ribboned, Corsetted ... Perfect!!


You know how at Easter you always had to have a new Church outfit .. and well the Biffster (my brother) always got a nice pair of pants and a shirt, a relaxed dressy version of the suit he was usually expected to wear .. we went from fur and velevet to um .....lacy dresses bound with ribbon and crinolines and stupid fake flowers ...


And hats .. white lacy hats with a stupid elastic that fit under your chin (and cut through your windpipe and leaving a permanent scar to forever remind you of your servitude to your grandparents and religion). They wanted to make sure the hat stayed on even in the case of a cyclone hitting, cause gosh knows you wanted to be seen by all the guys on the baseball team wearing that get up. AND .. in the event of a cyclone .. you would look nice at the morgue and they could idenitfy the body easier ... "Um ya ,.. thats mine with the binnies and spring sprites, the toille and the big pink bow ...." I usually punched the first guy who opened their mouth and laughed at me .....and I did unspeakable things to the last one .... but by the end of that Sunday usually Biff was lost somewhere behind the church bound in ribbons and wearing my hat .... I would have put the crinolines on him too when I tied him up but then I would have been naked and naked and church .. well they have a lot of rules ....


I figure a bunch of senile old ladies sit in a church basement and make the hats .. glue gunning more and more lace .. they are let go for an hour until someone pries the glue guns and the fake flowers out of their hands, off their faces, and each other .. .and the hats are gathered up and sold to K-Mart. Somewhere people are laughing their asses off and counting stacks of money as the mothers squeal around the hat bin going .. "OOOOH .. isn't this cute, can't wait to see it on my little Mindy on Sunday ...."

That's why they had to invent the lock-down in those stores when a child goes missing ... the child sees its mother at the hat bin and runs ....

SKIN: CandyDoll
LASHES: Wasabi Pills
HAIR: Fab-U-Lous
DRESS: La Maison Kaestner
SHOES: Baiastice

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Best Friend .. Valium!!


I have been in therapy for years over the meaning behind your grandfather buying you a leaky old rowboat, unloading it on the river and patting you and your brother on the backside and saying .. have fun ...


The therapist tried to say it was a gift meaning my brother and I could have fun and fix it up, use our imaginations and make it whatever .... But I think the therapist works for the CIA and they are all trying to brainwash me into believing that my grandparents were not abducted by aliens when they were still cows, made over genetically and put back on the earth to try and see if human beings could recognize they were being raised in a herd mentality .. code named the "Are humans sheep or can thy evolve into cows project?" ....and that they really aren't trying to kill me by pretending lutefisk is actually edible ....and had bought the boat hoping we might drown and then they wouldn't have to answer all the questions I asked all the time .. like "gee grandpa .. you are going to wear those shoes with that dress??"


But then he pointed out it was time for my meds ... and I felt much better in about an hour ...

I can listen to the voice of reason you know .. expecially when its name is Valium ....

SKIN: Tuli
HAIR: Waffles
TOPS: Malt
SHOES: AMG Boudoir
JEWELLERY: U&R Dogs at Le Look

Friday, March 19, 2010

Snowpants and Heaters.


Wet clothing holds fond memories for me .. is there a fetish for that? We frequently "forgot" our snow pants at home. Snowpants were social nightmares .. a big impediment to a significant social life ....Growing up on the prairies, going to a school in the middle of nowhere - recess time meant playing in the snow. Well, if you managed to get soaking wet in the snow, then when you came in, they had to do something about it, Now getting naked and hanging the clothes up or putting them in a dryer was out because well getting naked pretty much was out period .. even after you were married and in your bedroom at night .. on the prairies .. in the frozen northland ... and dryers ... pffft ....we were lucky we had chalk at our school ....but I digress ...


SO .. the only thing they could do was have you sit on one of the wall heaters and hope you dry out before the bus came and you went home all wet and your parents were like "what the hell??" So you and a few of your closest friends would take turns rolling in the snow and pushing more snow down your pants .. ahhh the things we had to resort to in order to be social ...and part of the "cool kids." Look ... the cool kids are pushing snow down their pants .. WHOOT .. lets go everyone!!!

And THEN .... there was this unspoken ceremony ... You would stand in front of the guy you liked and stuffing snow .. he would get the message of the snow .. and start stuffing too. Your eyes would lock with his across the frozen snowy plain ... frozen on his eyes.. cause the prairie was .. um .. frozen ... and so were you by this time ... and you would both know ... the heaters at the back of the class .. the two of you .. all afternoon ....


Many an important romance was launched on the school heaters ... and all from snow stuffing .. damn we Canadians are romantic aren't we?

Donna Flora

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Casting Pearls Before Swine.


I always found it interesting that the Bible talked about casting your "Pearls" before swine. I never met anyone named Pearl until I was an adult and while I didn't hate her .. I failed to see why she would get such special mention ...


I threw my brother in front of the "swine" once ... he made a comment about my face and well ... it just sort of happened. I tried to quote that Bible passage while Mr. Belt and I were talking in the bedroom with my Grandfather ... the fact the Bible never said anything about not casting "biffs" before swine, was I thought a compelling argument for clemancy ....

My grandfather was a very religious man hence I was not spoiled .. even though I also tried to point out a "rod" and a "belt" are just not the same thing ..... and "spare" ....well who know what THAT word really means or what the intent of the author was when he penned it ....


I eventually learned to just shut up when Mr. Belt was talking ... and I also learned that the Bible is really an ever evolving interpretation in everyone's mind .. depending on what you need it for ...

Obviously my grandfather and I used it for completely different reasons....

More Pictures Here ....

SKIN: LeLutka
HAIR: Analog Dog
LASHES: Belleza
DRESS: Hearts Garden
SHOES: A Fantasy Apparel