Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear Mrs. Waydon.


Dear Mrs. Waydon;

I would just like to point out ... contrary to what you said about me all those years ago ... my coming (well technically I was dragged kicking and screaming ... and screaming ... and kicking ... and later drugged ...) to the women's quilting and sewing circle for the less fortunate and unwilling to protest all those years ago was NOT a complete waste of time ....


You thought I learned nothing from you taking rags and making pot holders, macaroni and gluing it onto paper and spray painting it for art, and darning old farms socks so someone else could enjoy them .... I did ... I soooo deeply did .....


This letter is just my way of saying thank-you and showing you that your kindly shared lessons have taken me far. First I cut the ends off my laura ashley designer socks and made my all important sock puppets .... and then .... I used the rest of them for gloves ... no-one is less fortunate and unwilling than me .. AND does begin at home ....

AND ... I wanted to also say those macaroni art pieces came in handy ... not only did they make great mac and cheese once I picked off most of the paper and glue ... they had this after kick from the spray paint .... I reallllly enjoyed them. (how do you think I can afford Laura Ashely design socks in "soft doe eye grey"???)

Love Blissy.

SKIN: Black&Blue Outfitters
HAIR: Maitreya
LASHES: UK Couture
SHOES: Nardcotix
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