Friday, March 26, 2010

FAME .. I'm Gonna Live Forever!!!


I always wanted to recreate the whole Fame thing .. you know kids walk down the street .. feeling the vibe .... and one starts.... and the next thing you know .. everyone is dancing and singing in 8 part harmony ... all the instruments appear out of back packs .. including the grand piano .... and dancing in perfect sync ... like wow ....


So I got me a ghetto blaster, dragged Biff and a couple of the cows with me and went into small town, frozen northland and turned it up ... right on the corner where the post office meets the curling rink meets the grain elevator .. and I started dancing .. and Biff was throwing up .. the cows were kind of swaying but then I realized they were actually bulling .. that time of year .. and that is just wrong ... THAT was never anywhere in the film....


And then an old lady came out with her spoons and started clogging and I just stopped ... I looked around and knew right then and there .. small town, frozen northland was just soul-less .. they couldn't hear the music .. (well not without their hearing aids). I packed up the ghetto blaster and Biff .. hosed down the cows and went home ...

Next week .. Footloose ... and a recreation of Mad Max using a combine and the sheep ... whoot ...When there is music in your soul baby .. you never give up ....

SKIN: Black&Blue
HAIR: Hair Influence
BRACELETS: Ticky Tacky
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