Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Best Friend .. Valium!!


I have been in therapy for years over the meaning behind your grandfather buying you a leaky old rowboat, unloading it on the river and patting you and your brother on the backside and saying .. have fun ...


The therapist tried to say it was a gift meaning my brother and I could have fun and fix it up, use our imaginations and make it whatever .... But I think the therapist works for the CIA and they are all trying to brainwash me into believing that my grandparents were not abducted by aliens when they were still cows, made over genetically and put back on the earth to try and see if human beings could recognize they were being raised in a herd mentality .. code named the "Are humans sheep or can thy evolve into cows project?" ....and that they really aren't trying to kill me by pretending lutefisk is actually edible ....and had bought the boat hoping we might drown and then they wouldn't have to answer all the questions I asked all the time .. like "gee grandpa .. you are going to wear those shoes with that dress??"


But then he pointed out it was time for my meds ... and I felt much better in about an hour ...

I can listen to the voice of reason you know .. expecially when its name is Valium ....

SKIN: Tuli
HAIR: Waffles
TOPS: Malt
SHOES: AMG Boudoir
JEWELLERY: U&R Dogs at Le Look
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