Wednesday, March 31, 2010


faces 1

I look at SL as fairly cheap therapy. Seriously. Think about it. This is a perfect example.

All the "Natalies" I have ever known in my life were stuck up bitches. (Oh don't get your grandmother to write me and tell me your name is Natalie and you were girl guide of the year and you often rescue sick puppies ...) MY Natalies were bitches. (beautiful girls but all bitches)

faces 2

So the first thing I did with this skin was dress her like a total dork in newbie clothes, no AO, and took her to a fashionable mall and made her walk around so that everyone could laugh at her and see how she liked it ....

faces 3

It was great!! I was high fiving myself and pointing, laughing, and watching all the other people looking at her and was right in the middle of screaming ., "KARMA BABY! PAYBACK IS A ...." when I realized that the name above her head was not "Natalie" at all ... it was "Bliss Windlow" and people were laughing again ... at ME!!!!

Damn Natalies ....

(But then I went home and thought as a "Bliss" she is darn cute .. and we had a moment, a group hug and now I have embraced my Natalieness ... and if you are one of the people who saw me that day .. it was all in the name of science ... well medical science .. ok .. therapy ....

walk away folks .. nothing to see here ....)

Fishy Strawberry.
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