Monday, March 15, 2010

RFL CLothing Fair 2010 G Field.


Ahh .. a beautiful maxi dress in the softest of spring colours inviting you to come and spend your green on a worthy worthy cause!!!


I have a theory about maxi dresses ..... they came out just after the mini skirt and the bikini and well .. the general nudity that accompanied all the free loving, burn your bras, flower children thing ....

I can imagine my grandparents huddled in the basement of the church late at night (afternoon to the rest of us but when you get older evidently your ability to follow dictionary definitions for simple words like "late" and "night" disappear too) and being most concerned as they sipped their insipid tea (damn that was good huh? Looking up my old english teacher again ... paste copy send...)

They would be screaming about the nakedness of it all... how it would destroy the world .... allow the communists in .. and probably rot our teeth or take the curl out of our hair .... and one of their friends standing up in their walker ... and screaming, "TENTS ... we need TENTS to cover them all!!!"


And hence the maxi dress .... formerly known as "MOO MOO" which is because you can hide a cow underneath it. I know cause I had tried that. (although the cow was not very co-operative)

SKIN: Twilythula
LASHES: Nikita Fride
HAIR: Amacci
FLOWER: Paper Couture
EARRINGS: Gems&Kisses
DRESS: G Field
SHOES: Ingenue

rfl 2 rfl 1

RFL Clothing Fair .. Go Now!
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