Friday, March 5, 2010

Running Amuck in the Dairy ....

gs 2

So some guy took his kid to the traffic control tower and let him land the big planes and everyone is very upset ... I sooo get that. Once my grandfather took me with him to his "work" .....You know take your kid to work with you for the day .... corporate world welcomes the new generation (yes sometimes farmer pretend to be city folk .. they dress up and everything although this was more like grandma crying in her apron and saying something that went like ... "PULLLLLEASE GET HER OUT OF MY HAIR FOR JUST FIVE MINUTES OR I SWEAR I CANNOT VOUCH FOR HER SAFETY UNTIL DINNERTIME." Personally I think this take a kid to work stuff is just a good excuse to do crap all for the parents and for the kids to get out of school for a day .. no wonder everyone embraces it ....

gs1 copy

Well let me say that the cows were never quite the same ... children should not be allowed to run amuck in a big dairy operation .... Once I put those suckers onto my brothers face it took some time to get them off again and he had these 4 really red goose bumps all over his face for days ... I liked his lips best but then laughing even when you are talking with mr.belt seems to just incite more anger ....


I did snicker for days ....

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