Friday, March 19, 2010

Snowpants and Heaters.


Wet clothing holds fond memories for me .. is there a fetish for that? We frequently "forgot" our snow pants at home. Snowpants were social nightmares .. a big impediment to a significant social life ....Growing up on the prairies, going to a school in the middle of nowhere - recess time meant playing in the snow. Well, if you managed to get soaking wet in the snow, then when you came in, they had to do something about it, Now getting naked and hanging the clothes up or putting them in a dryer was out because well getting naked pretty much was out period .. even after you were married and in your bedroom at night .. on the prairies .. in the frozen northland ... and dryers ... pffft ....we were lucky we had chalk at our school ....but I digress ...


SO .. the only thing they could do was have you sit on one of the wall heaters and hope you dry out before the bus came and you went home all wet and your parents were like "what the hell??" So you and a few of your closest friends would take turns rolling in the snow and pushing more snow down your pants .. ahhh the things we had to resort to in order to be social ...and part of the "cool kids." Look ... the cool kids are pushing snow down their pants .. WHOOT .. lets go everyone!!!

And THEN .... there was this unspoken ceremony ... You would stand in front of the guy you liked and stuffing snow .. he would get the message of the snow .. and start stuffing too. Your eyes would lock with his across the frozen snowy plain ... frozen on his eyes.. cause the prairie was .. um .. frozen ... and so were you by this time ... and you would both know ... the heaters at the back of the class .. the two of you .. all afternoon ....


Many an important romance was launched on the school heaters ... and all from snow stuffing .. damn we Canadians are romantic aren't we?

Donna Flora
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