Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tiger Lily


Ok before you get Martha Stewart or the G-Staff from Better Homes and Garden to spam me with offers for enrollment in a gardening class complete with my own designer set of viagra ...I do know these flowers are NOT Tiger Lilies .. they are Hibiscus .. methinks... ok you can have the Hibsicus lady call me if I am wrong...


But see I saw Orange ... similar shape and went "ohhhh ,.. and my mind did this catapualt straight to Tiger Lily ... it is what happens when you have had a traumatic experience .. anything can happen ...

I bet you thought Tiger Lily was named cause it looks like the colour on a Tiger .. NNNNNNNEHHHHH (hear that?? that is the big buzzer in the sky that goes off when you have given a wrong answer .. well at least it does for me ...) You lose $100 bucks for buzzing in too quickly and giving the wrong answer .. not sure how it will happen but trust me you will lose $100 bucks somehow in the next 8 minutes unless you send this blog post on to 18,345 of your closest friends .. then .. I swear .. something wonderful will happen .. you just have to try it and see ,..


Nope Tiger Lily was named after "Lily" ... a girl I went to school with. She bullied everyone and if she knew you had shortbread cookies with all the sprinkles at Christmas time in your lunch, she would stalk you, slowly moving in, cornering you , demanding you hand them over. When you didn't ... she would jump on you and bite you ... and she had really really sharp teeth ... and then you would have to get a tetnus shot and she would smile when hers went in ... (WHAT? Bite me .. I bite you back!!!)

Hence the name "Tiger Lily." (NOTE: OH and because this is always an educational blog ... though maybe I should point out that if ever cornered by this woman ... DO NOT call her "Kitty Litter Face" as evidently it just incites her ... that and scarfing all the cookies down, shoving them all in your mouth at once and eating them in front of her ...)

SKIN: Lara
HAIR: Lamb
LASHES: Ultra Kitty
TOP: R.icielli
SKIRT: R.icielli
JACKET: R.icielli
SHOES: Baiastice
RING: Paper Couture
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