Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wuthering Heights.


So I like to recreate stories in my life... little moments caught on film, edited and stored in a vault. I know when my kids sit down to find out what they inherited they will be thrilled to have hours and hours of my version of everything to watch ... it is kind of like the gift that keeps on giving .. hours and hours and hours of me .. on their television .. like I never left them .. whoot!!! They will be so glad to know that's where all my millions went and that I thought of them like that.


Here I am recreating Wuthering Heights .. in this scene Cathy gets locked out of the house and wanders the moors in her underwear .... Heathcliff has been taken by Vikings who are in a time warp and have locked him in a box under my bed. (Heathcliff being played by my brother Biff ...)


As the storm approaches she notices Ben Franklin playing with a kite down the beach and sits down to watch ... (Ben Franklin also played by my brother Biff - in a different costume of course now running up and down the beach with a kite in a lightning storm ,...)

There are distinct advantages to being able to read well when your brother does not ... such as being able to take a little literary license in the retelling of the tales .....


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