Friday, April 30, 2010

Untarnished Silver.

sd 2

I always wanted to be the Christmas Angel and wear sparkly tinsel for a crown and be the super star I was destined to be .... but they always picked someone with long blonde hair and a suck up ability that far exceeded anything I could hold a candle to ....

You know you can appeal these kinds of things .. and believe me I tried! I took my case before the kindergarten board and spoke with such passion about discrimination and favouritism and the impact of that kind of scarring on a child's psyche .....and I even demonstrated the beginning signs of that damage by throwing a well planned and excruciatingly loud tantrum ... but they were firm ...

...their answer was concise, direct and dismissive .... the dress fit the other child better ...

I looked at their choice of "angel" standing there ... all perfectly "angelic" tossing their perfect long blonde hair, with a dress that fit them perfectly swirling around their perfect legs....


....I don't think I ever hated my brother more .....

SKIN: LionSkins
HAIR: Boon
LASHES: Chaisuki
SHOES: AMG Boudoir

The Thrill of the Hunt!!


The whole post on the army pants the other day got me thinking about the need for women shopping and prowling the city and in general being womanly .. and the need for appropriate attire ....


Oh don't be ridiculous ... I so don't sew ...


I went shopping .. and this .. as far as I can tell is IT!!! (well at least it is for me...) I immediately assigned myself a mission (it was a secret shopping mission ... I would tell you but then I would have to kill you .. loose lips .. sink ships .. AND loose lips look like shit!!) Ya .. um .. assigned myself a mission and dispatched me at 0300 hours. I said some secret undercover code words like Zulu Tango Foxtrot (only cause hubby recites those in his sleep and I take notes when he talks like that ... cause it turns me on .. oh right .. court order .. no more writing about these things .. . sorry Judge Peediddle....) and crouched low and checked out the horizon and managed to made my way to the target ....

I secured said target and decamped the premises without being seen .. other than the hot guy who took my charge card .. and I then took him as prisoner .....

He is in my bedroom now, tied up ,.. for interrogation purposes to course ... I plan on using Geneva's Concoctions on him .... and whatever other types of aids she might put out .. have not seen her catalogue yet ... but she has conventions I hear that are well attended ..

This is war baby... and I am a Navy Porpoise or Walrus or something important like that ....


Thursday, April 29, 2010



I think this word is a combination of Delicious and YA!. It should be Delicious and Hell Ya! but that would make it Deliciheya and I guess some people (not to mention any names rhymes with "bubby" but starts with "h.") think that is ridiculous ....

LP Designs.

I Need a Cabana Boy!!


Now THIS is what I am talking about!!!! I am going to find me a nice little beach in a tropical paradise and a cabana boy or two ...


Am taking applications now. Must be entusiastic, willing to please, and able to fan and hand me things at the same time ....


Just send them into - attention "Bliss, You Beautiful Fashionista, You." (oh ...must have access to a cabana ... whatever the hell that is ....)

SKIN: LP Designs
LASHES: Chaisuki
DRESS: Hucci
SHOES: Shiny Things
JEWELLERY: Shiny Things
LOCATION: Garden of Greenburg

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Have Suitcase Will Travel.


I ran away when I was a kid ... I packed my suitcase and hauled it down the road and managed to slip away without anyone noticing ....


The problem with trying to run away on the prairies is that you can run and run and run for days ... and the grandparents on their front porch ....can still see you ....

Which raises an interesting point. How could there ever have been any SURPRISE attacks in the old west?? Build a fort on the prairie and you would have a week to prepare before they got close enough ....


I tried running away to under my bed but when you start growing mold cause no-one even noticed you were gone .. ya' kind of had to climb out ...

When I had kids, I did not want them to fail in their expression to be independent so we moved closer to the mountains and .....I often helped them pack ..

More pics here:

SKIN: LP Designs
HAIR: Truth
BRACELET: Picadi Jasha
BELT: Sierra Jakob Designs
SHOES: Ingenue

Tuesday, April 27, 2010



I have had to bite my bottom lip and snap elastic bands all over my arms, legs .. even snapped my panty elastics and finally wrapped about 327 around my face and snapped them all at once .. just to keep myself from climbing on a coffee table somewhere, gathering these crinolines in my arms and lifting them wayyyyyy over my head to show off my frilly underpants.


I think I have PTFPD (Post Traumatic Frilly Panties Disorder) 'cause the minute the crinolines touch my skin .. I am there - 3 years old .. party dress.... the coffee table .... the frilly panties .. climbing up ...looking around .. going for it .. ta da .. the hushed awe of the grownups ..... and then .... I forget ... but for some reason my butt is really sore afterwards and I have a fear of belts ... hmmmmm......


I have to say Kouse Singhs dresses are so gorgeous in detail you just keep looking and looking and there is always more. The overlay skirt has butterflies etched into it and the edging is ribboned in just a shade darker ....and the way the dress moves ... you just have to go and try it yourself ..

BUT I am warning you .. there is a possibility ... that you could have the same reaction I did when I put the dress on ..... and then what if no-one even notices the frilly underpants because the dress is THAT gorgeous??? It is a real possibility .... think about it before the call of the coffee table becomes too strong .. and for heavens sake don't go to a furniture store unattended!!!

SKIN: The Obscene
LASHES: Chaisuki
DRESS: Kouse's Sanctum



Ever notice how teenagers always hang out against walls .. yup .. they do .. see a wall and there are teens leaning against it, writing on it ... owning it ... I think it comes out of a survival instinct ... (queue the Animal Channel theme music ....)


Often in their bedrooms, due to the amount of junk on the floor that buries everything else ...walls are the only navigational tool available to them .....

"Wall instinct" is one name I like to call it ...

"One step away from the wrath of Mom" ... is another ...

SKIN: Exile
HAIR: Tukinowaguma
LASHES: Belleza
SHOES: Stiletto Moody
POSES: Dismorph

Monday, April 26, 2010


NS 1a

NS 2a

Had to just show these little gems .... Melissa!!


Summer Whites.


I have a confession to make .. I wear white shoes after the May long weekend .... I know I know ... you are sooo diappointed .. but sometimes having a big fashionista like me make a confession clears the air for everyone ..... check the air now is it cleared???


And forget about buying all the specialized air you see at those spas at airports cause I have an at home variety that works really well ...

Stand up ... right where you are ... pick up your apple from your lunch and grab the orange peels in the garbage can in the next cubicle .. wave them in the air ... now wave your hands in the air fluttering gently .. step in an breathe .. THERE YOU GO!!! "Energized Forbidden fruits with notes of Citrus" Air to lighten and invigorate ....just send me the $150 bucks .. I saved you a trip to the airport ...

HAIR: Lamb
LASHES: On the Catwalk
SHOES: Stiletto Moody
PURSE: Wanda's Handbag

Sunday, April 25, 2010

YS&YS Barbara.

YS&YS Barbara

And the final skin of the three new skins by Monicuzza Babenco is Barbara. There is not much this lady does that I do not love. Everything in her store is amazing and her blog is great too!! The options available with each skin are more than enough to please everyone. CHECK THEM OUT!!! Plan a pajama party .. take your girlfriends ... try on the skins .. you will have a blast!


Saturday, April 24, 2010



Dear Army Guys;

Hi, how are you? I am fine. I really like your camoflauge pants. I have blogged them .. check me out here: .


I don't know if you ever supply review copies to bloggers but would love if you would consider me for any future designs. I know these pants help you hide in the trees and forests and deserts and stuff but do you have any that help you hide at school, work or in your sisters clothes closet amongst her shoes and new outfits? Those would be really cool.


Ok I have to go now .. but nice meeting you and hope to hear from you soon. May I add you to my friends list??


Oh ... I am on all the feeds too and have 238 names on my friends list ...

Love Blissy

PS - I am a lot tougher than I look ...

HAIR: Glam Affair
LASHES: Belleza
TOP: Lemania Indigo
SHOES: Stiletto Moody
POSES: Hopscotch
Porcupine Love
Random Kitten
Body Language by SLC

Friday, April 23, 2010


TBSC Orchid 1

"Orchid" is a stunning wedding dress by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau from her exclusive wedding salon. Any dress from her store is a treasure but the wedding gowns are a specialty and must for every brides consideration.

TBSC Orchid 3

"Orchid" is aptly named. A series of flowers spill down the side of the headpiece and gown, tucked in amongst the toile and matching the beautiful scalloped edged, emboidered appliqued lace. The effect of the soft blush against the traditional white creates a glow that only enhances the beauty of the lucky bride.

TBSC Orchid 5

The dress itself is bodiced with gathered cups, mimicking scallop shells . Kimmera then drapes the lace across the dress in such a way as to capitalize on the contrast and punctuate the lines of the dress. Off the shoulder, puff sleeves catch at the elbow and are nearly met with long white gloves. The trumpet skirt flows into a gorgeous fish tail train that is finished with the lace.

TBSC Orchid 4

Several lovely touches, such as the lace appliques on the bare back and shoulders above the sleeve, are simply exquisite. A single decadent blush bow seems to pin the train to the dress and provides a grogeous back that would thrill any bride. Not one detail or angle of this dress has been ignored.

TBSC Orchid 2

Orchid retails for $2500L.

Hera by Sellinica Bellic.

Hera bu Selinica Bellic 1

Hera bu Selinica Bellic 2

I love it when designers contact me to ask me to look at their designs and consider blogging it. It is never that I don't care about blogging new it is about finding enough hours in a day so any help in that regard is SOOO appreciated.

There is such a fear of rejection - am I good enough, will they be offended if I ask, what if .... It applies to both sides of the fence bloggers and designers here it goes folks ... NO barbwire around me at all ... speak to me anytime. Ask away ... happy to help where ever I can. If I say no .. it is about me, my time, my likes and has NOTHING to do with you or your talent! :)

Selinica Bellics skins can be found on X Street which is now open for easy peasy shopping . ... no more shifting monies between the two .. open your browser, point, click, voila .. instant gratification .... (my hubby hid my mouse and as soon as I find it I am going right back in ... lol)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Red Hot Mammas.

Kat 1

I figure if you are going to play hide and seek in the woods for heavens sake dress in something smoking hot and red and wear heels ..

Kat 2

That way when those gorgeous firemen come to rescue you they will be like "WHOA .... what a babe!!!! Why don't you just lay down there and let me do my job .. I need to administer some mouth-to-mouth ...."

At least that's the way it always goes in my dreams ....

......wait a minute ....

Kat 3

....there's that other dream where the little girl in red gets eaten by the big bad wolf too ...

Good thing the dresses come in other colours huh? :)

(This store is a new one for me and the clothes are fantastic .. really well made and other permeations for the oufits than what I showed here ....Check it out!!! I heard all the firemen hang out there and there are even some woods near by!!!)

SKIN: CandyDoll
LASHES: Chaisuki
HAIR: Lamb
NAILS: A&A Fashions
EARRINGS: A&A Fashions
SHOES: Kalnins
JACKET: R.icielli

SKIN: Exodi
HAIR: Amacci
LASHES: Detour
EARRINGS: A&A Fashions
SHOES: Kalnins

HAIR: Exile
EARRINGS: ChaosLotus
SHOES: Kalnins

POSES: Striking Poses

Fay Today!!

SM Bare Fay 1

SM Bare Fay 2

SM Bare Fay 3

SM Bare Fay 4

These shoes dance in my head so I simply wrapped them up with bows to let them dance for you. I guess when you go from finding shoes to match an outfit to finding an outfit to match the shoes .. you know you have reached that little place that exists in all women's minds ... shoe nirvana ... I can hear the Harold the Angel singing now .. he is a bit off key but you get the point ...

Stiletto Moody

Aurora Haze.

TBSC Aurora Haze 2

A dress like an etched crystal goblet with the most subtle of colours that catches the light and changes with each movement can be found in "Aurora" in Haze by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau.

TBSC Aurora Haze

The main part of the dress is a soft silk of a delicate heathered lilac, overlayed with an etched skirt of chantilly lace sculpted around the edges so as to give the appearance of etching even on the skin. Simply stunning!

The halter neck draws the eye upward and she has beautifully draped the back of the neck with more etching from the tied lace straps. She has simply added opera length gloves as anything more would have upset this exquisite balance.

I have chosen Jewellery from Dark Mouse, keeping the earrings simple and non competitive. The necklace for this set is lovely. I liked it when I first saw but loved it the more I looked at it. It may have appeared a bit busy for this dress originally but it really grew on me. Hair is simple and upswept to the side and a beautiful LAQ skin completes the look.

The dress is available now at Tres Beau and retails at $1000L. It is also available in "Ice" and "Mist."

TBSC Aurora Haze 1


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


YS&YS Charlotte 1

YS&YS Charlotte 2

YS&YS Charlotte 3

Ok this name gets a huge star on account of the pig and the spider and the book was a fav forever.

I never bothered with the spider .. come on people I was old enough to know a fairy tale figure when I saw one .. spider are just .. ewwwww ....BUT I tried to talk to the pigs. They were not as talented as Wilbur evidently ... cannot believe my grandfather got slipped talentless pigs at the auction ... I even snuck up on them to see if they were standing around talking and dancing or drinking tea when we humans weren't looking but I never caught them .. ever ... but I did catch my brother throwing Aunt Mary's special tuna liver walnut suprise cake that was packed for his lunch ...

I immediately reported him .. Aunt Mary spent hours on that cake ...

I fed mine to the snakes at school.

They died.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Club House....


Used to love the clubhouses we made as kids .. basically the rule was ... whatever .. a box, a closet, a room, a house .. if it was unoccupied .. fair game!!!


Worked well .. we had some great hideouts and did some cool things ....until this one time we were using a big walk in closet ....and the owners came home and were they angry .... whoa ...


I was 28 at the time ...

SKIN: Soda
LASHES: ChaiSuki
SHIRT: nuCloth

Monday, April 19, 2010


AB Sabrina 1

AB Sabrina 2

AB Sabrina 3

People always complain when movie stars name their kids absurd things like Moon Zappa or Apple or Blue ... but I think it is a great idea. We associate names with the people we know who had them and often times they wrecked great names ... I have issues with names. Never met a "Nancy" I liked .... and who doesn't know about those "Nellie's" or "Jane's" (nodding emphatically here ....)

"Sabrina" is a witch .. a dark witch ... but probably the more fun of the two .. her and "Samantha" .. I am glad that AtomicBambi did not come out with "Samantha" cause I never could wiggle my nose like that even though I hired a bunny to teach me once ... well .. actually I stole my brother's bunny but he fed my Barbie to his goat. Once he paid the randsom money and signed the agreement that I owned his soul for the next three months .. it was all good. I was so heady with power I could care less about the nose wiggling things and besides .. I liked Gilligans Island Better ...

I think I like pretty much anything AutomicBambi does ... I could drool and tell you more but I promised AtomicSparkle Skytower I would not drool around her anymore .. evidently it annoys her .. alot .. and frankly she scares me... she is atomic .. as in the B-O-M-B! Her parents aptly named her and her store ... go there ... it is the closest to nuclear you can get and still feel fresh ....


I am making my blogs much more critical .. Yup Yup ... I will tell you what I think of desinger's flying abilities and their manners because lets face it who cares HOW great their designs are if they lack in those areas ....

Some of my Barbies had pins stuck in them to hold my creations on, others tape .. hell I have used tape and pins to hold my own clothes on in real life. Models use clothes pins to make the shoot look great .. come on do you WATCH ANTM???? Analyze it? What kind of fashionista are you? If it looks great and I love it .. I blog it. The fact many of the designers have restraining orders against me cannot keep me from peering in their windows, nose pressed up to my computer screen. I am shameless and I am admitting it here for all of you .. not gonna trash a designer ... cause I could not do it myself any better and my taste is not everyone's. I am way too narcisssitic to spend hours photogrpahing myself in clothes I hate and would never wear and that make my ass look ginormous and it is my blog so na na na boo boo ....

.. OUCH .. just sat on one of the pins holding my nightie on ,.. gotta run ...