Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bare Anita.

SM Bare Anita 1

I have no idea who Anita is and why she is bare but am so glad she insipired these shoes. What a great idea for summer and what a selection of colour choices!!! When you are this high up who cares if it floods ... your feet will look fabulous and think of the extra breathing time you will get when the ship goes down - which is the reason I always gave for my need for ridiculously high sexy heels when I was a teenager (ok I was 5 but I was very mature for my age...).

SM Bare Anita 2

Yup ... it was always .. "You don't think I care a pfft about fashion do you? OH this is not fashion let me assure you ... this is in the interest of first aid and safety .. what if I am on a ship and it goes down and there is only a little airspace available .. I mean did you fall asleep during the Poseiden Adventure??? (they would argue "prairies .. no water to worry about," but I always insisted .. " do we actually KNOW how deep those sloughs are? Have you even been into the middle of the slough?") "What if someone got caught in a tree and they were just inches from being able to be rescued?" ... (would point emphatically here at me and how high I was ...) "WHAT IF they were to take a picture and everyone was my height .. how would my great great grandchildren ever be able to find me behind the rest of the heads? With these babies (sweeping motion of high heels) I would be assured of being seen ..."

SM Bare Anita 3

These arguments and others like them took me far in my life ,... usually to the back of the barn and a visit with Mr. Belt ... When you are a die hard fashionista .. they can't beat that out of you ya know .....

Stiletto Moody.
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