Friday, April 16, 2010

BehaviorBody NEW AO's!


BehaviorBody has put out 3 more amazing AO's. Antosperandeo Allen once again does an amazing job with fluidity of motion and a series of options in an easy to use interface. Celeb, Classic and Sophisticated are the three new offerings and each comes with:

15 animated stands (Classic has 17!!!)
the complete cycle of fly, jump, swim, fall and crouch
2 MoCap Sits
1 Ground Sit
11 New Walk Animations

The hud graphics are new and there is a sweet automatic update in each hud so you are always sure to have the latest version. They retail for $1200L to $1500L and individual poses are available for $120L. This is a very sophisticated AO, nothing cutsey in these, very appropriate for business, modelling, or just a woman who wants to be taken a little more seriously!
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