Wednesday, April 21, 2010


YS&YS Charlotte 1

YS&YS Charlotte 2

YS&YS Charlotte 3

Ok this name gets a huge star on account of the pig and the spider and the book was a fav forever.

I never bothered with the spider .. come on people I was old enough to know a fairy tale figure when I saw one .. spider are just .. ewwwww ....BUT I tried to talk to the pigs. They were not as talented as Wilbur evidently ... cannot believe my grandfather got slipped talentless pigs at the auction ... I even snuck up on them to see if they were standing around talking and dancing or drinking tea when we humans weren't looking but I never caught them .. ever ... but I did catch my brother throwing Aunt Mary's special tuna liver walnut suprise cake that was packed for his lunch ...

I immediately reported him .. Aunt Mary spent hours on that cake ...

I fed mine to the snakes at school.

They died.
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