Monday, April 19, 2010


TBSC Delia Camel 1

I love those cool spring days where you get to dress up warmly and you know it isn't the extreme of needing 80 layers or grandpa's old underwear and hand me down ski pants ... just a temporary glitch on the road to summer. This suit "Delia" by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau is the perfect choice for those days. It is wonderfully styled with her singature lines and unexpected details. You have the the doublebreasted expectation of a walking suit that is confronted with the puffed sleeves belted in at the elbow in the same dark contrast used at the waist. She repeats the contrast in the edging along the raised collar which finishes everything perfectly. Kimmera is a master with her lines and always directs where the eye should go in the most interesting ways. Your options to focus on that componant or add more drama comes in the choice of the short belted jacket or the skirted jacket which creates a dress effect and could be worn as such with a nice pair of heels and perhaps leggings for those colder days.

TBSC Delia Camel 2

The skirt is simple and tight and as always we have the option of a smart hat, this time more of a modified top hat with feathers that are just so right for the feel of this ensemble. She has not forgotten her luxurious and exquisite bow .. and she tucks that beautifully in front of the feathers.

I have chosen some perfect matching pieces to compliment the outfit - great earrings from A&A that ramp up the attention around the face. I love the hair from Tukinowaguma that is perhaps not what one might expect to wear with such a glamourous outfit but I love the constant challenges to the fences we sometimes build around our ideas of what looks right. The bag is new from Puddles and was about as much contrast as I wanted to go while maintaining the depth of the colours. Great detailing here. The boots are also new from JD Drsigns. and were just fun enough to suggest this woman is not a cliche.

Delia retails for $800L.

TBSC Delia Camel 3

HAIR: Tukinowaguma
LASHES: Belleza
OUTFIT: Tres Beau
STOCKINGS: Katatonik
BOOTS: JD Designs
PURSE: Puddles
POSES: BehaviorBody
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