Saturday, April 17, 2010

Donna Flora.

DF 2

There is something decidedly sexy about a woman in a tight pencil skirt and a soft open draped blouse and no-one understands feminine better than Donna Flora.

We look to Second Life to create an illusion of what we can all identify with. When a designer gets it right, she pulls life into her creations and allows us to live the dress as we wear it and act out our "role" in the game of SL. We understand the design because it is so believable and touches on the decadance that real life may limit us from ever enjoying because of finance and practicality. While a teen can buck the system and refuse to wear snow boots because they are not cool and cool is preferrable to warmth .. growing up often leads us down the path of needing to better understand and apply practical ... so we compromise our love of that sinfully tight skirt, or daring blouse that might get us arrested or would be frowned at when we volunteer at Brownies.

DF 1

There are so many designs in Donna Flora's wonderful imagination as evidenced by the sheer volume of items for sale in her store ... I chose something simple because it is so well done, so detailed, so thought out .. you have to appreciate the talent. The pleating in the bouse, the shoulder pads, the draping .. the texture and lines in the skirt ....the delicate details in the necklace and earrings ... the woman just so beautifully personifies the feminine one might almost whisper "genius."

From the moment I came onto the SL scene I discovered Donna Flora and wrote about her long ago (in SL time) and I have not lost one iota of my desire for her clothes depsite the discovery of many other wonderful designers. I laugh at some of my early "treasures" as I regularly sort my wardrobe but not Donna Flora. I keep every one of her items and wear them often and look forward each week to what is new. I make a list of what I want, and as I can afford them, I buy ...timelessly elegant .. every piece from her ... worth it in so many ways.

DF 3

The men's suit is also well done. I had not realized until just recently she also does men's clothes. Again, that same attention to lines and details is there and I thought my guy looked great. We had such a fun evening photographing these and dancing and just enjoying what we both understood. Just a tad understated at first glance but the more you look, the more elegant the clothes and we were sure everyone was nudging each other and asking .. "Who are they?"

DF 4
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