Friday, April 16, 2010


TBSC Frolic1

Frolic was a design created by Kimmera Madison to honour Frolic Mills and his "Tribute to Chanel" Show last year. It is a satin, one piece pant suit, caught at the shoulder in perfectly placed bows. Worn underneath is a gorgeous translucent organza blouse that hints at the merest of coverage before falling away into a waterfall of decadent layers of lace sleeves.

Long, Black, Opera Length Gloves add dimension hidden underneath the cascading sleeves and a gorgeous, pinned tie is caught at the top of the pantsuit, finishing the outfit with a flourish. The hat is simple and complimentary ...a repeated bow, and a hint of dark netting …

"Frolic" is something that little lambs do when they play in the springtime . It is also used in racy Elizabethan novels to describe the naughty activities of the Lords and Ladies in the um .. Springtime... summer, winter and fall …. Not much else to do in those Elizabethan days and sometimes it took a whole season just to get out of the clothes never mind the frolicking …. No-one is really sure which of these two mind-blowing images were the impetus for "our" Frolic and why he chose his name but I think it is important for you all to ask him. Kim told me to write this .. cause she really wants to know the truth …

Meanwhile you can Frolic in this gorgeous outfit available now at Tres Beau for $1200L.

TBSC Frolic2
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