Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Have Suitcase Will Travel.


I ran away when I was a kid ... I packed my suitcase and hauled it down the road and managed to slip away without anyone noticing ....


The problem with trying to run away on the prairies is that you can run and run and run for days ... and the grandparents on their front porch ....can still see you ....

Which raises an interesting point. How could there ever have been any SURPRISE attacks in the old west?? Build a fort on the prairie and you would have a week to prepare before they got close enough ....


I tried running away to under my bed but when you start growing mold cause no-one even noticed you were gone .. ya' kind of had to climb out ...

When I had kids, I did not want them to fail in their expression to be independent so we moved closer to the mountains and .....I often helped them pack ..

More pics here:

SKIN: LP Designs
HAIR: Truth
BRACELET: Picadi Jasha
BELT: Sierra Jakob Designs
SHOES: Ingenue
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