Friday, April 23, 2010

Hera by Sellinica Bellic.

Hera bu Selinica Bellic 1

Hera bu Selinica Bellic 2

I love it when designers contact me to ask me to look at their designs and consider blogging it. It is never that I don't care about blogging new it is about finding enough hours in a day so any help in that regard is SOOO appreciated.

There is such a fear of rejection - am I good enough, will they be offended if I ask, what if .... It applies to both sides of the fence bloggers and designers here it goes folks ... NO barbwire around me at all ... speak to me anytime. Ask away ... happy to help where ever I can. If I say no .. it is about me, my time, my likes and has NOTHING to do with you or your talent! :)

Selinica Bellics skins can be found on X Street which is now open for easy peasy shopping . ... no more shifting monies between the two .. open your browser, point, click, voila .. instant gratification .... (my hubby hid my mouse and as soon as I find it I am going right back in ... lol)
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