Tuesday, April 27, 2010



I have had to bite my bottom lip and snap elastic bands all over my arms, legs .. even snapped my panty elastics and finally wrapped about 327 around my face and snapped them all at once .. just to keep myself from climbing on a coffee table somewhere, gathering these crinolines in my arms and lifting them wayyyyyy over my head to show off my frilly underpants.


I think I have PTFPD (Post Traumatic Frilly Panties Disorder) 'cause the minute the crinolines touch my skin .. I am there - 3 years old .. party dress.... the coffee table .... the frilly panties .. climbing up ...looking around .. going for it .. ta da .. the hushed awe of the grownups ..... and then .... I forget ... but for some reason my butt is really sore afterwards and I have a fear of belts ... hmmmmm......


I have to say Kouse Singhs dresses are so gorgeous in detail you just keep looking and looking and there is always more. The overlay skirt has butterflies etched into it and the edging is ribboned in just a shade darker ....and the way the dress moves ... you just have to go and try it yourself ..

BUT I am warning you .. there is a possibility ... that you could have the same reaction I did when I put the dress on ..... and then what if no-one even notices the frilly underpants because the dress is THAT gorgeous??? It is a real possibility .... think about it before the call of the coffee table becomes too strong .. and for heavens sake don't go to a furniture store unattended!!!

SKIN: The Obscene
LASHES: Chaisuki
DRESS: Kouse's Sanctum
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