Saturday, April 17, 2010


TBSC Petal 1

"Petal" by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau fulfills the fantasy of every girl to be smothered in a bed of rose petals. This dress comes sans the Prince Charming to do that for you because everyone knows Prince Charming is a fantasy character and not at all real like the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny which rumour has it, Nave Fall will be playing in a compilation piece bridging those two characters with the tragic hero of Macbeth in an updated version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ... complete with leotards, tutu and basket … Kimmera is working on the outfit right now …I know , I know .. She is incredible!!!

Anyways .. This dress is incredible soft and beautiful .. The colours are so delicate you can feel the petals against your skin. The sleeves and the hem look as if each petal has been hand sewn into place. It gives the impression of being hugged in rose petals. You can almost imagine how decadent that would feel .. and the aroma … wow!

There are so many choices with this dress - you can make the hem simpler - soft layers that flutter against your legs, the sleeves can be removed to make it a much simpler design, and the hat is always an option.

You have to really appreciate the textures Kimmera puts into her designs, every aspect of this ensemble engages you in a sensory experience. The bow is a big satin bow and you know exactly what it feels like, the petals as mentioned above, you can see the weave in the straw hat, feel the flutter of the skirt against your legs. The shading and colouring is exquisite and these colours, in particular, are so complimentary to that spring skin - soft healthy glow but still a little pale from winter - it puts just a hint of pink in the cheeks. This dress is a must for your spring to summer transition and retails in the store now for $800L.

TBSC Petal 2
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