Friday, April 30, 2010

Untarnished Silver.

sd 2

I always wanted to be the Christmas Angel and wear sparkly tinsel for a crown and be the super star I was destined to be .... but they always picked someone with long blonde hair and a suck up ability that far exceeded anything I could hold a candle to ....

You know you can appeal these kinds of things .. and believe me I tried! I took my case before the kindergarten board and spoke with such passion about discrimination and favouritism and the impact of that kind of scarring on a child's psyche .....and I even demonstrated the beginning signs of that damage by throwing a well planned and excruciatingly loud tantrum ... but they were firm ...

...their answer was concise, direct and dismissive .... the dress fit the other child better ...

I looked at their choice of "angel" standing there ... all perfectly "angelic" tossing their perfect long blonde hair, with a dress that fit them perfectly swirling around their perfect legs....


....I don't think I ever hated my brother more .....

SKIN: LionSkins
HAIR: Boon
LASHES: Chaisuki
SHOES: AMG Boudoir
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