Monday, May 31, 2010

Purple and Paisley.


Purple... check.
Paisley .... check.
Knee length ... check.
low cut ... um....ummmmmmmmm...


I will give the same answer I gave when I worked at a nursing home during university and they told me I needed to wear a bra because the inmates ...ooops seniors ... were complaining .... "maybe you should work on their social skills and what kind of a perv 80 year old is checking out a 16 year old??? "

Oh but the inmates told me later they didn't complain at all .. they kind of liked it and offered to burn their bras as well ... so then my question stands only rearranged a little ...

"What kind of 40 year old nursing queen perv is checking out a 16 year old?"....and seriously ... I really don't need an answer ...

Maybe church has changed a little over the years ... I am going in ....

SKIN: Curio
HAIR: Truth
LASHES: E'dior
DRESS: Couverture

Sunday, May 30, 2010

This Lady is a Vamp!!


I love SL in that clothes just stay put and you can do things you never could do in RL.


Like when I try to fly in RL in a dress like this ... my Breasts just do not stay put.


Damn real life...

more pics here...

SKIN: Belleza
HAIR: Boon
LASHES: Belleza
DRESS: Nardcotix
SHOES: Stiletto Moody

Friday, May 28, 2010

NOiR Van Elisabeta.





Leezu ... (say it with a reverent whisper.... then let your jaw fall open and hit the floor... drool is going to even bat an eye is all appropriate for this dress....)

Where the Wild Things Grow ...


People always say "don't you remember WHERE THE WILD THINGS GROW from your childhood?"


Sometime it is good to remember that we all have different points of reference .. your childhood may not have been mine ...

Where The Wild Things Grow ... from my childhood?


That would be under my bed ...

HAIR: Wildo
LASHES: E'dior
SHIRT: Candy Doll

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Behold the BirdCage.


I am really bummed that I was so limited in my thinking as a kid that I never looked beyond the obvious for fashion wear ...


I look at outfits like this that are just so cute and think damn all those combine and tractor parts lying around and they just annoyed me ....


I could have worn them!!!


And the fact it would have irritated the hell out of my grandfather just makes the whole idea even more exciting .... I mean this is the guy who forbade me to name any of the farm animals because they were not our pets for crying out loud ..... I can hear him now ... "PUT that Crank Shaft DOWN .. we don't wear farm equipment ... we tame the land with it for crying out loud. WE ARE FARMERS!!! What the helllll is wrong with you girl?? (there should be like a farm orchestra that plays some kind of bean growing symphony that stirs the hearts of all farmers when they make speeches like this ...) "Wait THAT is from my HAY Bailer!" "Is that my branding iron?"

I love it .. I am going to relive my childhood through hypnosis and go back and do all those things I should have done ... and didn't know about ...BONUS!!

SKIN: Curio
HAIR: Artilleri
LASHES: E'dior
JEWELLERY: Lily's Touch
FLOWER: Ticky Tacky
SHOES: Un Jour

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back Alley.


Worked once in a huge office that overlooked a back alley where ... some of the "interesting" things of the city took place ...

What I didn't understand was what the attraction was. It is dark, dirty, everyone knows you always find dead bodies there, the monster is hiding there, that is where the prostitutes hang out, the drug deals go down, the gang is waiting to beat the bejeebles out of ya, there is no escape cause it is a dead end or barbed wire fence or the police have it blocked ...


Sometimes I just wanted to run out there and shoosh them all away saying .. "kids kids come on, put those needles down and go back to your My Little Pony bedrooms in suburbia..." but then someone came and got me .. it was time to go to the big meeting to figure out where all the kids had gone and how we could best help them ...

Skin: League
HAIR: Truth
OUTFIT: Phoenix Rising
SHOES: Stiletto Moody
POSES: Twosome

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vindi Vindaloo.




Earlier this year Vindi closed her shop to remodel and prepare a new line .. she talked of being closed for the first half of the year. This talented designer and lovely woman is one of the pioneers of design. I love the stories of those who have been here through thick and thin and I hope we don't lose them. I have been checking to see if the store is open or if there are any new announcements and this is my way of saying .. thanks Vindi for your gorgeous creations, hope things are going well, and please please please re-open soon!! We miss you!!

More pics here....

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Sound Of Music ...


These are recreations of some of the cut scenes from "The Sound of Music." First this is her up in the hills just after her breast job, singing one of the songs cut from the film .. "Where have all the Goat herders gone, Long time Yodelling, Where have all the Goat herders gone, Long time ago ....." and the travelling band of monks show up over the horizon and do this fantastic dance scene with her complete with tap dancing and some under water scenes ....


This scene is right after she checks into the nunnery and they tell her the bit about binding her breasts and she has a poignant moment of doubt where she runs to the hills screaming (in song)... "BIND ME NOT - Old Man River, I will look like a little tea-pot short and stout .. "and she is joined by the goat herders just "found by travelling monks ... every one..." - for a spectacular dance number complete with high wire acts and a mean clogging scene that is just to die for ...


And this scene is just one of the many close-ups they cut where she purses her lips and licks them a little and the director screamed "CUT .. we are not doing porn for crying out loud!!!! Think lederhosen and goat herders!!" "When will they ever learn?" And then she was joined by some midgets dressed in giant lederhosen and there is this whimsical dream sequence dance number where guys in tights join her and she runs off and never joins the nunnery at all ....

Of course .. if they had left those scenes in, it might have made the whole "these are few of my favourite things" song .. kind of unbelievable .. whiskers on kittens ... pffft ....

SKIN: Firefall
HAIR: Dr. Life
LASHES: Belleza
TOP: BoA creations
SKIRT: LG Concepts
SHOES: Stiletto Moody

Sunday, May 23, 2010


TBSC Maniera 1

"Maniera" is the beautiful gown designed as part of the Maniera Collection by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau. This collection as part of the Maniera Phenomenal Women Edition of which Kimmera was named one of 3 Women to be recognized.

TBSC Maniera 3

This Mesmerizing gown is a feast to the eyes with golds and silvers and shimmers of bronze, all folding into one another and creating a captivating dress. It comes with 4 skirt options - bubble, classic, mermaid and pantaloons. The top can be worn with or without the collar and the peplum is also detachable leaving you with endless combinations that could be worn for numerous different occasions.

The bodice is a gorgeous gold base halter neck that is beautiful in and of itself, with a line of overlayed leaves trailing down the one side at the front. Add either, or both, the collar and peplum, and you add cascading shimmering leaves of delicate gold filament that are simply a work of art.

TBSC Maniera 2

The skirt options are so lovely in the way they flow and the different shapes they create. The mermaid and the pantaloons introduce a soft silver and the whole effect is that of spun sugar floating around you … absolutely spell binding.

Sometimes, in dresses this fussy, they lose some of the classic sophistication, but Kimmera never misses, always creating the perfect balance and keeping the lines visible.

TBSC Maniera 4

This dress retails for $3000L and is available in store now.

Pink and Poiple ...


I must admit I get a bit giddy when I break the rules so often quoted to me by the grandparents .... "you DON'T wear pink and poiple together ... DON'T be ridonkulous!!"


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The designers made me do it. Pointing at Amara Ugajin from KAT!


And look ... I am wearing a slip ... outside ... all in the name of fashion ... Pointing at Amara again.


Some things in life are just such fun!!!

SKIN: Mayden Couture
HAIR: Fab U Lous
LASHES: Wasabi
JEWELLERY: Violet Voltaire
SHOES: Felicias Fashion

SKIN: Mayden Couture
HAIR: Boon
JEWELLERY: Laciecakes
SHOES: Nardcotix

Thursday, May 20, 2010



Human beings are amazing ... like this one time my brother actually lifted the front of a half ton farm truck by himself (I swear he really did) and moved it so it could be driven out of the ditch ...


NEVER underestimate the power of a hysterical sister on the side of the road and running through the wheat fields in the middle of the night after the best damn keg party ever ... screaming at the top of her lungs ... "WE ARE SOOOO DEAD. GRANDPA IS GOING TO F**KING KILL YOU!!!!!"

SKIN: League
HAIR: Boon
LASHES: On The Catwalk
SHOES: Alegria
PURSE: Creamshop

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


TBSC Solange 1

Solange Benoir, the third of the trio of wonderful women named in Maniera Magazines Phenomenal Women Edition, is the subject of this divine dress from Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau, called .. What else??? "Solange."

A cocktail gown of a stunning Pink Latte Bronze explodes into stiff fanned ruffles that sweep across the strapless bodice , down the side of the waist and finish by trailing off into the knee length, balloon skirt. Kimmera pins the ruffles to the waist with a contrasting black cabbage rose that is perfect.

The entire dress is so perfectly executed that in dressing for the pictures, adding anything more than a pair of earrings seemed redundant. The lines move the eyes exactly where a woman wants them to go, the shape is interesting, and the face is perfectly presented and framed by the gown.

Whether she is doing the most extravagant wedding gown, tailoring a detailed suit or having fun with a kicky cocktail dress, Kimmera Madison always produces perfection. This lovely tribute to her wonderful friend, is just one more fine example of exactly that.

Solange is available in store now and retails for $800L.

TBSC  Solange 2

Is it Wrong??


See now this is fashion make-up. I am hoping they have computers in heaven and that one of the angels named like Cavort Cassini with the bedazzled wings, fishnet stockings, little bodysuit with feathers sitting my grandfather down and saying, "See...THAT is NOT tractor grease ..." AND "asking if she got lost in the flour barrel when she wore white lipstick was really cruel ...go clean out the chicken coops and wash the white feathers ...." If she stamped her foot a little and was kinda histrionic ...THAT would be amazing ...

Is it wrong to think of your grandfather being disciplined by gay angels??

SKIN: Atomic
HAIR: Truth
LASHES: Wasabi
OUTFIT: Relentless Couture
POSES: Hopscotch

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Of Pearls and Swine.


I used to love playing with jewellery ... it felt so decadent to sneak into grandma's bedroom and look at all the treasures in her jewellery box ....


I really loved the pearls ......


Did you know that if you wrap them really tight around your brothers neck he stops calling you names? nodding ... yup they are much more effective than screaming SHUT UP!!!

I am pretty sure that was the Bible meant about casting your pearls and swine .. only they interpreted it wrong cause they do that sometimes .. hence the saying ... "it loses a little bit in the translation..." It should have read "don't cast your pearls on swine, save them for your annoying brother ..."

SKIN: CandyDoll
HAIR: Miel
DRESS: SE*Designz
SHOES: Paper Couture

Monday, May 17, 2010

Here's $20.

gb 2

I really like this necklace .. so much so that while I was working on things for the last few days my avi was pretty much wandering the homestead and my studio with JUST the necklace on and nothing much else, which is fine in normal situations, but we had my mother-in-law staying with us ....

She walked in on me at one point and gasped and pointed to the screen screaming ... "She's naked .. your barbie is naked!"

I followed her pointing finger ... "Oh ya .. no biggy .. and it is BLISS not Barbie... "mom.""

"OMG what will the neighbours think? What if someone just drops in and sees you?"

"Oh not to worry we have radar and a security system, it ejects anyone who tries to come in. And besides I have seen what the neighbours do and nudity is like nothing to them trust me, they must have every sex hud going ...."

"Sex what???" and she pushed past me almost knocking me over with her oxygen tank on her way to throw up in the bathroom. I didn't think too much of it at the time .. she does that alot .. throws up when she sees me ...

I heard her later talking to my husband and asking him what kind of woman had he married and did he know I perved on the neighbours and what if one of the kids set off our security alarm and got ejected and were hurt and how does it exactly eject people anyway? We could be sued .. was it even legal?

Hubby sighed and asked if she wanted some more warm milk.

He told me later that I had to stop confusing the real world with SL conversations ... pointing out his mom lived in the real world. I was going to argue that but thought better of it and smiled and nodded but did take a moment to point out that I really was not in the habit of inviting the real life neighbours into my office to look at my "naked Barbie" on the screen but if he wanted me to take a step back into the Real World with his mom I could invite them over tomorrow and see what they thought .. maybe it would not turn out as bad as she thought .. at least she would actually know WHAT the neightbours thought, instead of having to guess all the time.

I am not sure what his answer was , it was muffled when he put the pillow over my head and pressed ... might have to see a doctor about that .. I can't hear through feathers like I used to ...

gb 1

This necklace has magical powers or something and you clear energy etc ... I am going to do a little ceremony and clear my mother in law ... and the neighbours ... they LOVED naked Barbie ...

SKIN: Sawode
HAIR: Simply Britnee Hair
LASHES: On The Catwalk
SHOES: Cattiva
POSES: Porcupine Love

Sunday, May 16, 2010


TBSC Rachel 1

Spring is in the air and nothing lifts the spirit like the idea of butterflies. They evoke such strong images of delicate, effortless, freedom and beauty. How many times have we stopped, gathered in our breath and just watched as a butterfly graces our day for a moment or two?

Kimmera Madison or Tres Beau has managed to incorporate all those feelings into her latest offering for the spring to summer weather with the irresistible "Rachel." Made of a beautiful soft pattern of old English roses or the softest mauves and palest blues with just a hint of the greyed green leaves, this is a perfect gown for so many of your special occasions.

TBSC Rachel 2

The bodice consists of tightly wrapped material, perfectly sculpted across the breasts and beautifully lowered to show the back. The floor length layers of the skirt seem to float to the ground and flutter around the legs giving the dress a feel of old country garden party. Simple, but so pretty, the dress is a lovely hommage to being a girl. A single butterfly rests on the right breast and the head piece is a cloud of delicate butterflies in a deeper shade of purple that enhances either a complicated updo or a softly pulled pack head of cascading hair.

I simply cannot imagine anything more lovely to wear to a wedding or a garden party. This dress retails for $1000L and is available at Tres Beau now.

TBSC Rachel 3

Behold the Stone Archway.....


One of my uncles ... had a farm .. ee i ee i o .....
And on this farm were tons of rock fences (oh sing it really fast ... pretend you are beyonce and cram 80,000 words into one line of the song .. it works...) i ee i o...


Well... enough of that .. someone turned off my playskool nurseryhymorama .... and I don't do aquondopella (loud singing without music... I made the word up .. I am a professional ..)

Anyways he had this farm with all these rock fences and gateways and arches and the story was ....


That this dude and his dudette had buried all their worldly goods for fear, during the war, that they would be attacked and lose it all. Now here's the thing .... um ... not exactly sure WHEN in the frozen Northland any attack was considered imminent ... but being as, according to the story, the stuff is still buried there ... sounds like wish fulfilment to me ....


Everyone assumes, because they were wealthy albeit who knows how that happened when they obviously weren't very smart .. that they buried things worth digging up ...

Could be they just buried more rocks ....

SKIN: Dutch Touch
HAIR: Truth
SHOES: Heart & Sole

Saturday, May 15, 2010

When White is Right!


Dressing in complete white has different connotations ... like if you try to do it after Labour Day beware of fashionistas with big sticks ... although now there is Winter White which is acceptable .. I think on account of Tyra Banks fell in the snow once and tried to cover her faux pasing with a .. "this is the look I was going for .. winter white ... " that is how professionals are .. always managing to make their faux pas look planned. I tried that as a kid and it just got me into more trouble ..

"What the hell do you think you are doing tying your brother up with his underwear in the closet and leaving him like that for hours??"

"Well ... I felt he lacked discipline and this would either bring the man out of him or eliminate him completely .. either way for us, his family ... BONUS!!!"

"YOU actually THOUGHT this through and STILL went ahead with it???"

"Yes just like Tyra Banks .... um .. maybe not .. wait let me restate that...."


Years of wearing another kind of white with negative connotations ... in the institution .. only one could argue that was more of a kind of dull grayish white .... but after enough meds .. no-one argues about anything ...


So you can appreciate the therapeutic value a white outfit like this has one me as I run through the fields trying to forget the smirk on my brothers face on visiting days .....

SKIN: CandyDoll
HAIR: Boon
SHOES: Donna Flora
DRESS: Mimikri
POSES: Glitterati